As a general rule, Sun in Aries people are very dynamic, fiery and enthusiastic. They need a mission, a cause, a corner to fight. Being connected to the hunter, the pioneer, and the crusader, they’re “after something”.

Aries sun people are ruled by Mars – a fire planet ruling a Fire sign. Ariens are very good at kicking things off, getting things started, and they’re bold and brave.

The down-side to Aries is that they can get so hot under the collar about things, so passionate about something that they don’t really notice that they’re running on low fuel. Or that they’re not so aware of the body, so they can trip up over their own shoe laces – they can be a little bit accident prone.

Also, it’s a little bit hasty, a little bit precipitous, it can jump down on things, up on to things, it can go in with all guns blazing.

Aries quite likes a good debate, a good dust-up, a good row every now and again. But it’s quickly done and over, and there tends to be no grudges. However, get on the wrong side of an Arien, then be prepared to cross swords!

The self-identity of an Aries person is to get things started, to be the one that is there right out in front, taking the risk in some sort of way.

In relationship this can be a little bit of a problem for the partner involved, whether that’s the romantic partner, or the business partner, or just friend, because once Aries gets a bee in their bonnet, in their headlong enthusiasm to get on with the thing then when they’re not tripping over their own shoe laces then they might be trampling all over the partner’s feelings or ideas, or just not paying any attention and conferring or compromising in any kind of a way. And most of the time this isn’t because of ego-centricity (although it can be!); it’s simply that they get so enthusiastic and so keen that they just get a bit blinkered and don’t notice anything else going on around them. So they need to be shouted at every now and again to be reminded that other people exist.

The sign Aries rules the head and sometimes the Arians are prone to headaches, or maybe accidents of some kind in the head area.

And the colour for Aries is red.

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