Cancer is a moon ruled sign, and therefore very much in touch with its emotions.

It’s traditionally known as the sign of the family, or the domestic set up, but actually it doesn’t really follow at all. However, emotional ties and family connections, whether that is your blood family or an extended family, are very important to Cancerians, and also past and continuity, and linking with the past in some way seems to be very important to Cancerians.

Cancer is a sign which is sensitive, but which also is very protective, and I have to say defensive as well, hence the shell which you see depicted for the Cancerian symbol. The hard shell on the outside, but soft and mushy, and touchy-feely and huggy and cuddly on the inside.

The down-sides of Cancer, again using the glyph or symbol of Cancer as an example, is that it clings – it uses those crab claws to cling on to the past and memories. Cancerians are tremendous collectors as well; they tend to be collectors of something or other in their lives, but they can also tend to cling on to memories which are painful, or experiences or syndromes, or just patterns which actually don’t further them or serve them in any way at all.

Cancerians never forget. That wrong, that slight, that wounding that happened way, way back 30 or 40 years ago, or last year (depending on your age) – they’re never going to forget that. Maybe they will forgive you, but they won’t forget the actual behaviour or the hurt involved.

So Cancerians become conscious of themselves more through their ability to build and grow things, to nurturer something into fruition, whether that’s a family, or a business, or a building, or a garden. Whatever it is, Cancerians are brilliant, and very, very gifted at breathing life organically into things.

As they say, relationships are very important, and actually in relationship Cancerians are very caring and protective of nearest and dearest, and in fact would perhaps even go so far as laying down their lives or sacrificing quite a bit for nearest and dearest.

On the other hand they can be smothering, and you can suffer a bit from a ‘mother-love’, or ‘father-love’ from a Cancerian (though they usually are very, very good parents as well).

Cancer rules breasts and also the womb, and the organs of nourishment with babies and also small children. Its colour tends to be in the salt-blue area. But also of course the white, shiny silver, and silver-bluey light which is rather like the light of the moon.

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