When the Sun is in Gemini at birth then the person is usually very quick-witted, interested in information exchange, curious and inquisitive all through their lives.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the fleet-footed messenger of the Gods, and often times Geminians are the agents or go-betweens, the information bringers, and also disseminators of information, almost like human sign posts. They are always very strongly in the stream of information exchange, and that’s where they like to be, mixing and mingling in and out of different situations. They’re not necessarily fond of taking anything in depth or getting too heavy about stuff.

Geminians – which are a dual-sign, with one face looking one way and one face looking the other way (a little bit like the two masks over the theatre door) – can be so versatile that they can change just like that and turn on a dime to become something else very, very fast, which is brilliant for anything to do with media or performance or anything like sales.

But in relationship it is important to keep up with this personality that is always needing to be briefed, always needing to be informed or be the informer at every stage (or changing into the opposite and just wanting to be left alone), or in fact sometimes is duplicitous in their behaviour.

Geminians are a lot of fun. They retain the spirit of the child always in their lives, and they are very, very interesting people full of sometimes useless information.

The sign Gemini rules the hands, the arms, the lungs and the nervous system. And in fact you’ll pick out a Gemini across a crowded room because that’s the one that’s speaking very animatedly, moving their hands a lot, and are really putting a lot of their inner power through communications, which is very important for Gemini.

Some Geminians actually get problems in that area of the hands, or the arms, or the respiratory system either through illness or some kind of accident at some time in their lives.

The sign is of course ruled by Mercury, and the metal mercury – quicksilver – and that’s what Geminians are like. They’re very quicksilver, and move and shape-shift very, very quickly. However, sometimes Geminians just need to sit back, be calm, listen, and maybe go deeper into things, maybe just look at their lives, or life in general, or pondering the bigger questions of life.

The colours for Gemini tend to be in the yellow range, so it tends to be the colour yellow.