The Sun in Leo is at home. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and therefore the sun works very powerfully through that time of the year, and through that sign of the zodiac.

So, obviously, Leo is a fire sign, and Leo is connected to the energy of the child. The Leo energy is to do with the inner-child, and the constant unfolding and discovering of what that child can do. It has a playful energy with it.

You find Leos in employment and in careers which allow them to be creative. If they are not doing something which is allowing them to play around, digging castles in the sand, or inventing and fooling around experimenting, then they’re not very happy.

Leos definitely need the space to consciously create some sort of image, or make some kind of impact and see the reaction coming back to them. It’s almost as though that light really needs to radiate out, and then bounce off whatever the phenomenon is, or the human beings, and then come back to them so that they get a sense of their own identity.

Leo people are always trying to feel out a sense of who they are, because the Sun is at the centre, and Leos are always trying to get to their own particular centre in some way or another.

They can actually see the world a little bit too much in black-and-white terms, which seems to be counter-intuitive. But they are always attempting to get to the point of feeling absolutely and completely in their power in some way or another.

The down-side can be that when a Leo is busy in its creative flow it can sideline others, or want others to stay in their place because Leos need to be centre stage. They need to be in the spotlight, they need to have things firmly centred upon them, or they need to be firmly centred upon it.

In relationships that can sometimes be a little bit difficult for partners, but if you remember that the Leo energy is very childlike, then it is sometimes easier to see this child as just there having fun.

Leo is of course ruled by the Sun, and the Sun’s colours are orange, yellow, and the warm, radiating sort of colours. The parts of the body are the heart and the spine, so Leos need to be careful about their coronary health, but also their posture.

The sign of Leo is here to radiate light and warmth and creativity in the world.

14 thoughts on “About Leo”

  1. mariyobeads says:

    This is completely true.!!

  2. mariyobeads says:

    Big Heart – yep I guess that’s why I’ve been taken advantage of too many times .. >:(

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