The Pisces sun-sign is ruled by the planet Neptune – the mysterious, cryptic, and under water energy of the god of the sea. Natives of the sign of Pisces have got a complexity to them, an etherealness sometimes, a kind of fluidity, where they can wriggle like a fish in and out of different social situations. Almost like they are living in this dimension and this material world, but also they need space to swim into the mystic, swim into the more ethereal part of consciousness, and so the identity of Pisces is a little bit difficult to pin down. Their personality, or rather their identity is very connected in with what is imaginative, what is spiritual, what is idealistic.

They are connected as a Water sign very much with their emotions, but on the more spiritual side of that emotional sensitivity which is with the compassion. They connect with the under dog, they connect with the dispossessed in this world, they connect with all those who do not have power or a say of their own. So they often very much explore and express their identity through causes, and sometimes one would say lost causes.

They also have the kind of personality which needs at some points to escape from the harshness of this world, and it is true that some Piscean people are connected in with addictions of various kinds. But also if they would understand that it is part of their identity to go out of this reality and into another reality through imagination, or through connecting with source, from where they come from in a spiritual sense, then maybe they wouldn’t have that need to escape in less healthy ways. So that would be the down-side of Pisces – this escapism.

In relationship, again, they are sometimes unreliable, difficult to pin-down. But on the other hand (and this is a general rule of thumb) they are very loving, they overlook a lot of faults in partners, whether that is in personal life or business life, because they have this bigger understanding, this more compassionate, empathic connection.

The rulership of Pisces is Neptune, the god of the sea. The colours are the blue-greens, and also purple going in the indigo – those sorts of colours. Also anything iridescent and mysterious, almost like coloured myst. The part of the body is the feet, but also there is a strong connection between Pisces and dancing and music.

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