We are in for some gale-force influences in April 2014 which could turn out to be a significant month in our diaries.

The Cardinal Grand Cross is a configuration in our skies over April combining Mars/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto with some Mercury thrown in. There will also be a Lunar eclipse in Libra and, at the beginning of the month the Sun will line up briefly with Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto. At the end of the month there is a Solar eclipse in Taurus).


The Grand Cross energies are colliding from mid-month onwards and will, once again, set up a standing wave frequency or cosmic signature-of-intent for a general loosening and unraveling of corroded establishment structures in our societies and massive change related to corporations and organizations across the world. Our up-close-and-personal routines and the familiar programs we run in our lives are also coming loose and we will be scrapping some outmoded behaviours and beliefs as the shift in consciousness intensifies and our perceptions and values continue to change.

Also, surprising turns of events, anything from the weather to the way we shop or do our banking to the discovery of the original plan for Noah’s Ark, which has just been discovered on a cuneiform mud tablet from Mesopotamia.


In this Grand Cross configuration we have Mars which will be lighting the fuse as it were. But Mars is in reverse (retrograde) which has the effect of internalizing the Mars fire rendering it less able to drive decisions through to the desired outcome and the advice would be not to launch into anything major, in the form of a project, an important move or … if you have to throw the gauntlet down to someone, to initiate proceedings or negotiations – it’s better to wait until Mars goes direct from May 20th to make the first move. This smoldering Mars fire in Libra may be more prone to internal observations, self-examination, self-observation and, as a result a deeper understanding of others. Mars R in Libra gives us the chance to meet ourselves and like ourselves. Self respect is then radiated outwards into the world and others feel the light of our inner harmony and peacefulness on a subconscious level.

Mars is naturally in its fall in Libra anyway, the Mars style of direct action or confrontation is disharmonious in Libra which favours diplomacy, negotiation and in general, wanting to talk things through, weighing the odds, looking at all sides, sitting on the fence, before a decision is made.

Mars R in Libra could mean mechanical breakdowns or projects or a military offensive stalling or becoming a siege or a ‘kidnapping’ but does offer the opportunity for inspection, reports and negotiations.

In close relationships it may mean anger is kept hidden or puts a damper on your vitality or your sex drive. Mars in Libra works better when keeping lines of communication open and inquiring into ways to fix the problem or knowing someone better by sharing ideas and ideals, finding a rapport etc.

Here is the chance for some powerful self-examination, questioning deeper motives and not repressing but realizing that the historical, aggressive, knee-jerk reaction is no longer necessary. (Hopefully).


So, we have this history-making line-up in the Heavens in April, but we overlook the position of Venus at our peril.

Venus enters Pisces and makes a beautiful, positive aspect from watery Pisces to 3 planets in this hot, powerful, dynamic Grand Cross figure in our skies. This wonderful aspect from Venus will provide an energy release mechanism or a safety valve allowing much of the tension to find a way out of the Grand Cross pressure-cooker.

There is the most amazing invitation coming to us during this challenging Cardinal Grand Cross to tap into love and compassion. To seize the chance to serve the common good and care for one another will arise from the beginning of the second week onwards but most particularly from mid-month to the start of the last week of April.


Venus is more sensitive and altruistic in Pisces. Here, she finds her empathy and her deeper understanding through walking in another’s shoes. This is the scene in the play where we can put our own selfish desires on one side and step up to the plate for something bigger than our own personal needs. Amazing acts of selflessness may be witnessed under this placement of Venus while the tough, tense, conflicting energies of the evolver and transmuter, Pluto and the transformer and disrupter, Uranus, are set alight by the striking match of Mars firing the fuse.

This position of Venus holds the gift for us to get over our myopic, petty, prejudices and see the bigger picture. Those who are ready will grasp that ultimately the situations we find ourselves in aren’t about right and wrong, they are about hands joining and hearts and minds working together. It is not about the differences but the COMMONALITIES we share – not only with other humans, no matter what their level of consciouness, but with all created beings on Starship Earth – and beyond.

But once more may I say; ‘the planets incline, they do not compel’, and in this world of free choice, it is up to us to make that minute by minute choice to silence the negative mind chatter, the doubting Thomas in us, and reach for the higher perspective. To ask what is appropriate, what serves the common good.


Be aware that Pisces is not too good at boundaries or being realistic, so, there is a danger of being overly influenced, duped or guilted into perceptions which are false and counter to one’s own best interests, so use the Mars R in Libra light to do some deeper examination of traditional methods and belief systems. And even if that jerk is yelling and stirring things up, or that moron is parroting his party politics or company policies in your ear, if you can keep cool, calm and connected to your centre, then you have won the greatest battle of them all – the battle to remain in touch with your true self – a Unity Consciousness.

That is the way the human-race is headed – Unity Consciousness – and there is a field of it all around us all the time. All we have to do is re-tune our radios to that frequency. For some of us over April, we will be catapulted into situations which automatically switch the frequency to that consciousness and for the rest, all we have to do is hold our attention in our hearts and get out of our jealous, judgmental egos.

You can check your horoscope each month here.

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