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Since childhood Diana has 'seen' and sensed energies, auras and beings from the devic and angelic kingdoms. She has communicated with extra-terrestrials and guides from other dimensions and has had spontaneous memories of past lives.

Until the age of 11 Diana lived on the wild western shores of Canada where she was accustomed to primeval forests and an ancient natural environment unimpaired by the modern world. Her ordinary daily experiences were to converse with the animals and plants around her. As she could swim before she could walk, she feels a special affinity with the sea and its creatures.

For a time after her arrival in an English school, she experienced what it is to feel dislocated and alone. Her background and way of being did not fit in with her new surroundings.

Now she likes to help people to be more understanding with themselves and one another.

At school she gave palmistry readings for fun and would be drawn to helping those with problems - feeling and sensing when someone was in trouble and needed support. Much later she found out that her Irish-South American grandmother was a natural psychic who read palms and tea-leaves and her Russian-Jewish grandfather was a visionary artist and an intuitive.

Her innate gifts took a back seat during the years in which she finished her education and embarked, with her new husband at the age of 18, on a long love affair with boats and the rivers and canals of Britain and Europe where once more she lived and worked in the outdoors, inhabiting the world of animals and plants who are always in touch with source - her natural place.

Diana has been an astrological consultant for more than 35 years and sees her craft as a medium through which to channel guidance from spirit and her own knowledge of the psychology of human nature.

Diana's sessions are uplifting, clarifying and comforting. She does not blind you with science but communicates in a simple, straightforward manner inviting questions and helping you to understand your life pattern, spiritual purpose, and innate gifts through the celestial code of the birth-chart.

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