Hi Here’s a question from Lucas Kleingeld – “Chiron: What is the deal with this healing space rock? Seems to be very active at the moment, personally.”

Well, yes, Chiron is an asteroid. It’s known as the wounded healer in astrology, and you can look up the mythology, if you’re interested, connected with the wounded healer Chiron.

Chiron was a centaur – half man, half horse – and for some reason he started off in mythology as being immortal, and then he was in a bit of a punch up with a Cyclops, and got speared in the thigh, and although he was very good at healing everybody’s ills, he could not get this wound to heal. He went to Zeus, and asked to be made mortal, and then once he was made in to a mortal, he could die, and his constellation is in the sky.

So in the Astrology chart, the position of Chiron is a karmic point. It’s sort of like a work in progress. It’s – the way I see it – it’s something that’s ongoing – it’s our Achilles heal. It’s the place in the chart where we hurt the most, because of outside circumstances and what comes at us in life, at certain times, and these certain times seem to be when Chiron is activated by transits or indeed when the age point is going over Chiron, or progressions are happening which are stimulating Chiron. At those times, we go through a lesson, we’re learning something, which is probably making us kind of wince, and say “ouch”. Saturn does that, but Chiron is deeper because it feels like it’s an old wound that hasn’t healed, so there we’ve got the analogy with the wound that never heals.

Indeed, it is said that with a strong Chironic influence in a chart, we become very very good at seeking survival mechanisms or healing mechanisms or we’re striving to find answers, we’re seeking seeking seeking to get an answer to this knotty problem, that’s a real ‘doozy’ in our life, that keeps coming up every now and again over the years.

It’s also believed that because of that the person who’s got Chiron in a particular part of the chart gets very good at understanding what they need for an ongoing healing process which never absolutely completes it’s… and this might not be physical, it could be psychological, it could be emotional, it could be spiritual, like a spiritual wounding…. even though that never completely resolves it’s self, that person gets very practised, very wise as the years go on, about that particular challenge, and therefore that’s where the healer thing comes in, because that person is very good at helping, assisting, facilitating or indeed healing another who has a problem. Not necessarily because of Chiron, but a problem similar, related in that particular area.

For some reason, even though it’s kind of an asteroid, and – like Pluto – is a kind of planet (though some people are trying to call it an asteroid) – it packs kind of a punch. For instance for somebody born with Chiron in the 5th house, which is the house of children, might have trouble getting pregnant, might get lots of miscarriages. Or there may be something to do with a lack of spontaneity with the inner child, or difficulty in childhood, particularly with the father figure, as the Sun is an archetypal manifestation of the father energy.

So that kind of thing, okay? So I hope that kind of gives you an idea about Chiron – the “healing space rock”. Thank you for your question, Lucas.

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