Gemini Horsocope for November 2016 and Today

Diana's Monthly Gemini Forecast for November 2016

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Until the 22nd you may be dealing with more chores or niggly details, or, this may also be the moment to get to grips with health issues (yours or another’s) or a better diet and exercise regime. You may also be putting more effort into maintenance, repairs, or using skills. So, dealing with the ‘to do’ list and getting things organized better seems advisable, but there will be smiles along the way.


From the 13th Mercury is focusing your mind upon the practical aspects of life. Thoughts could revolve around, repairs, maintenance, or health – yours or another’s.  Thinking about the mechanics of how something might work best will be a keynote. Also you could be learning useful new skills or blowing the dust off those you already have – either out of choice or necessity. Practical advice received will be of service.


From the 13th Mercury is in your opposite sign. Communications – personal or professional, in close interactions and collaborations are highlighted and you’ll probably be sharing ideas and connecting with someone’s slant on things and even if you disagree, at least it helps you clarify your own thinking. You may be in relationship with someone whose guidance or information is valuable. Or you yourself may be more looked upon as the information-giver, go-between, or guide.

(23rd-25th Saturn over Mercury: Mental pressure, or more responsibilities related to contacts, communications mental and physical. Vehicles, travel, transport or schedules may present challenges).

BUT also in the last 10 days expansive Jupiter on Saturn can mean you are on a learning curve or spreading your wings into unfamiliar territories leading to future growth and abundance. Focus and tenacity may be needed but you widen your horizons. An important teacher or teaching could come at this time.)


Smoother relations are likely until the 12th when Venus is strong in her favourite place and affairs of the heart are favoured. You and someone could be feeling a closer rapport, no matter whether it’s a personal or professional association. A special someone could come into your life and some of you could be tying the knot. But all types of relationship, personal, or professional tend to flow more easily. You and another could be enjoying eachother’s company or simply lending eachother a hand.


From the 12th Venus is in a place of emotional depth and something can touch your feelings deeply, or you can sway another’s feelings – great for the romantics among you but also regarding material security which come through joint involvement. Venus here could also manifest as a relationship helping you out materially or supporting you emotionally in major or minor ways. Negotiations could go in your favour and there could be deeper, more rewarding bonds with another. Some of you may feel like shifting into more commitment in a material or emotional sense – depending on your natal chart and on your own ability to create what you want. Also, a relationship could revolve around a shared space, possessions or property but things can be ironed out to mutual advantage.

(In the last week there is likely to be more intensity, deeper questioning related to relationships or regarding joint or shared money or property. Someone or something bugging you …make sure you aren’t projecting your emotions on to them).


Until the 9th Mars is in the sector of your solar chart which clears the decks for new beginnings. So that may mean a de-clutter, or some kind of re-set is in the pipe-line. Or maybe ditching an ailing, stale or chronic situation thus clearing the decks for new beginnings . Whether it’s a re-think, a de-tox or a Spring Clean, this Mars position emphasizes something shared, or over which you do not have sole control. Then a shift, a transition as emotions or intuition drive a change. You could be more sensitive to feelings or needs of others and you may have to bite your tongue or be more confidential or strategic in your actions. For some Mars here may mean an intense or sizzley interchange with someone special.


From the 9th Mars is in a more outgoing, expansive area of your solar chart. A good teacher or teaching could come to you during this period.

At key points over this transit you should in some way be reaching out for new horizons and fresh experiences. So this may be the right moment to launch a new scheme or enterprise or to go on a journey of discovery.

You will be physically active in learning through doing, but also grasping certain things you didn’t have a clue about before. Some of you may be getting out and about more and this is a good time to shake out the cobwebs. Travel, connecting with foreign lands, giving or taking a course would be a good idea. Your physical energy may be needed as you push the envelope of daily life and get right outside of the routine box by stretching yourself mentally or physically.

From the 22nd you’ll benefit more from the support or contribution of another in close relationship or interaction. It’s not a time to be going it alone, so central to this period, will be how to give and receive the best out of partnerships and other close associations.  You and another could be bonding, teaming up or doing business together. But however it is for you, there is a stronger feeling of mutual interaction – or attraction!


The long-term position of Saturn in your opposite sign, Sagittarius, is ultimately constructive for your sign but may manifest as you having to take on more responsibilities because of close associations. Also possible is you having to work harder at balancing your point of view with that of a partner or opposite number. At times you will be keenly aware of a lack in this department and strive for improvement. At other’s you will feel frustrated by another’s demands or behaviour which you feel inhibits your own or clashes with your will.  Compromise, collaboration or cultivating certain relationships will have to be done gradually and will probably be harder work as you are learning to overcome your own prejudices or historical expectations. In some cases this can be a make or break aspect. If it is a break-up then give thanks for what you have learned and shared and try to move on without carrying guilt or blame. If it is ‘making’ the relationship then you will step into more commitment towards another or what they bring to your door. Some of you will wish to formalize a relationship at this stage or reinforce and strengthen previous commitments. Geminians born 3rd-8th June or with 13-18 degrees rising will feel the energy the most this forecast period.


Jupiter, planet of potential abundance and growth will very positively influence your Sun sign until Oct 2017. This is a time when you may be appreciated more for yourself in a playful or romantic sense. At times it will encourage a more spontaneous, even self-indulgent, energy as you feel more the centre of attention. There may be admiring glances coming your way or you may be in the mood to take a risk or a gamble. You may grow through accessing creative or leisure activities which empower you and you shine in your own unique way. Children, animals and leisure or entertainment activities will be emphasized.

Geminians born 31st-8th June or with 10-18 degrees rising.

(Jupiter on Pluto in the second half of the month helps you with the power to succeed through intuitive evaluation of what really matters most at this time. There may be a feeling of things being out of your personal control, or a battle of wills so keep your integrity intact but don’t be obsessive.)


During the long transit of Neptune through your career area remember to respect and honour your own goals in life but you must integrate the practice of higher service as often as you are able and in whatever supportive ways you can.

It is more likely that you become a facilitator or play a supportive role and, in order to enable another, you may sacrifice your own ideal choices, but, that doesn’t mean you should take on too much or let others tread on the boundaries you need to maintain for yourself. This more service-orientated way of working can be rewarding. This transit also favours imaginative art, good causes, healing, spirituality and just about any activity you contribute not for purely commercial reasons. Geminians born 28th May-1st June or with 8-11 degrees rising will feel the energy the most this month.

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What today looks like:

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Ending on Tuesday, the Moon and Jupiter go on joining in the sign of Sagittarius today. A sensitive, expansive feeling is present in your area of agreements, one-on-one relationships, and partners, during this intensive connection. The Moon provides an adventurous, athletic feeling in the sign of Sagittarius, while Jupiter presents a growth which is athletic, and independent. In close relationships, it may be good to expand your career at the moment.

As well: continuing today, and finishing on the 3rd, Mars is clashing with Neptune. Mars present in the sign of Gemini may mean your area of self image, first impressions, and general outlook is filled with an activity which is intellectual, and curious. It might be awkward to appear in front of an audience, or make a public appearance, while this awkward connection continues.

Also On This Day:

  • A conjunction between Uranus and our Sun continues today, and concludes on the 1st.
  • Starting today and ending on the 1st, the planet Venus is in a conjunction with the planet Mercury.
  • The Moon starts transiting the sign of Capricorn until Thursday.
  • Mars continues transiting Gemini until the 15th.

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