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We’ve recently experienced some terrible technical problems with our website, and email system. If you’ve sent us email about anything recently – including readings requests – please send them again, and we’ll reply as very soon as possible where necessary: http://dianagarland.com/contact/

A few people have been in touch asking if Diana is okay – she’s fine, thanks for asking!

Please excuse the lateness with horoscopes, and the general pain in the neck the website and YouTube channel must have been for you lately. I know what it’s like when stuff online I follow is not there when it’s supposed to be and there is no explanation. We’re doing this mainly as a labour of love in our free time, and we can’t always devote the days required to keep a site this popular running smoothly while also holding down day jobs.

Normal service will resume now. And again, if you’ve sent us messages, please resend them, or if you have any questions about the site, please send them here: http://dianagarland.com/contact/

Thanks for sticking with us,

YouTube/Site admin for Diana