There have been some dreams and idealizations wafting around. But now that Saturn has come closer to Neptune, we should strive to be realistic without being pessimistic . But, there is a danger of getting things out of proportion and shooting ourselves in the foot. This is a time to balance the ultimate ideal with how it can be ploddingly achieved from here on the timeline. It does NOT mean throwing away what has already been sloggingly achieved over quite a long time. Remember, Mars is retrograde and that means this is not time for major assaults or brave new enterprises, this is time for steady driving forward towards the goals.

Bear in mind the ‘structuring’ quality of Saturn and the ‘dissolving’ quality of Neptune. And, as Pluto in Capricorn is already breaking down systems and structures running our world, not to mention the global economy. There are likely to be some ruptures in the pipeline.

Some Saturn/Neptune suggestions: is to work consistently towards realization of a vision or ideology. Get involved with a good cause. Be a supporter of the underdog or someone in need (but use your common sense).

Do art or music. Dream or meditate. Connect with the devas in nature or angels in the ether. A fab time for working with the Law of Attraction and manifesting the world you want. In other words, do whatever uplifts and refines your nature and soothes your heart.

And then at the same time Jupiter is in a hard angle to Saturn until mid-month. This has been in effect since March.

Overall, this is a time for cautious expansion within the parameters of certain limitations. Or…. voluntarily following a stricter regime in order to grow something happier, healthier or wealthier in our futures. There could be some tensions, but if something is not feeling right, you should not rush to fix it until you are sure. Be like a hunter and track it for a while until you get a clear view of what the problem really is. In general, you can be cautiously optimistic as you move forward and take any opportunity to broaden your horizons.

Saturn is the planet of the status quo, physical boundaries and structures and Neptune is the planet of ideologies, sometimes crazy fanaticism, escapism and of trying to do what is best for the common good even if it means hardship. But these notions are far too ambiguous for Saturn’s practical material nature. Saturn asks the ‘how’ and prefers to deal with the facts, the nuts and bolts. Saturn is also authority figures, and cares about appearances and keeping to historical standards. But Saturn is also a responsible Mother and wants to protect those under her care as long as they obey the rules.

These 2 planets are at such an angle that it creates friction, which creates heat, which seeks an immediate outlet. They not only trigger events, but they demand dynamic effort to balance the conflict between them and to find a productive release to that tension.

Saturn is in Sagittarius at the moment. Sagittarius rules foreign lands, long journeys, ideologies and global communications systems.

It seems to me that Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune at home in Pisces bring a new kind of confusion, uncertainty about HOW to help the needy, HOW to resolve differences in ideologies, without having the wool pulled over the eyes by the greedy. And how to execute the compassionate service required in an orderly, practical, structured fashion where most needed. So, our task is to balance our higher vision and emotional intelligence with civilized and realistic possibilities. This influence is underpinning events world-wide but also in our individual charts, so look at where Saturn and Neptune are transiting in your natal and Sun-sign charts. I will mention the positions of these two transiting planets in your Sun-sign chart below.

You can even look at the house positions of the signs under their rulership (Capricorn, Pisces) to get a sense of which parts of your life may be most implicated.

In the individual chart the higher expressions of Neptune such as selfless service, charitable actions, healing and art, should be blended with concrete, practical solutions implemented in a gradual manner which is workable.

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