Leo Horsocope for November 2016 and Today

Diana's Monthly Leo Forecast for November 2016

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Until the 22nd your attention could centre around a base of operations, community or family matters or extended family. Property matters – buying/selling/home improvements may features, or it may be about the past affecting the present or sharing. In some respects your gaze will tend to be more inwards and you may be pondering more, or feeling things more deeply. Listen to your instincts!


Until the 13th the mental focus could revolve around family, extended family, neighbours, or property matters. Correspondence and discussions may be about a physical space inside/outside, or points on the map. You may be mulling things over or feeling more emotional or nostalgic. There may be communications with relations or parents for some of you and others may be considering a legacy or a tradition of some kind. Whatever is going on feelings tend to be nearer the surface and certain interchanges may touch a nerve. Either way it tends to be a mentally busy or social time in, around or about a base of operations – wherever that is – or you may be on the move more.

From the 13th Mercury is in a more innovative sector of your Solar chart. Now you enjoy playing with ideas and speculating, maybe a little wildly, on this or that or the other possibility. But, whatever you are doing, there may be more laughs or distractions along the way. Your creative juices are flowing and you are more articulate which may help with beating the drum on something. There’s likely to be increased communications either with or about young people, lovers or pets. Also, you could be more romantically expressive or creatively inspired at this time.

(23rd-25th Saturn over Mercury: Mental pressure, or more responsibilities related to contacts, communications mental and physical. Vehicles, travel, transport or schedules may present challenges).

BUT also in the last 10 days expansive Jupiter on Saturn can mean you are on a learning curve or spreading your wings into unfamiliar territories leading to future growth and abundance. Focus and tenacity may be needed but you widen your horizons. An important teacher or teaching could come at this time.)


Until the 12th the position of Venus can mean a sociable more playful period perhaps making new friends or enjoying old associations. Maybe a boost to your love-life, and some of you could be tying the knot with that special person. You are likely to express yourself in freer or more creative ways and there may be more frequent connections with children, younger people, pets or partners. In general, this energy links you more to anything you personally find empowering or satisfying so, leisure, performance type activities are emphasized. And, most importantly, puts you in touch with your own playful inner child.


From the 12th Venus is in a more practical mood, favourably highlighting teamwork regarding daily chores, learning skills (or maybe which button to push), running repairs or health matters – your own or another’s. Others will probably be in a co-operative, more supportive frame of mind assisting with your requirements.  You are more likely to have reasonable interaction with health-providers, co-workers and anyone providing assistance and so if there has been an ongoing problem chances are you will find someone to help with recovery or repair and, even if the problem is not resolved, the interaction will tend to be pleasant.

(In the last week there is likely to be more intensity, deeper questioning related to relationships or regarding joint or shared money or property. Someone or something bugging you …make sure you aren’t projecting your emotions on to them).

Until the 9th Mars is in a sector which emphasizes the practical side of any bright ideas. Considering how to manage, operate or fix – anything related to work, health or fitness. You may be more involved with skilled people, health providers, tools or technology. So daily duties and methodologies are highlighted and you might have to get your head around the mechanical details. You can get a lot done if you keep up with daily duties, health matters – yours or another’s – and running repairs. Collaborations can be productive and achieve success but a co-worker or helper may try your patience. Still, it may be a small price to pay if you get your act together in the process.


From the 9th Mars in your opposite sign means personal or professional exchanges are likely to be more dynamic and lively. Because of another, there may be more physical demands put upon you to be decisive or to take action. You and someone could elicit strong opinions in each-other or, conversely, maybe you feel a strong pull towards someone or they feel a strong pull towards you. Once again patience may be needed as Mars here can make you too hasty, handle someone badly, throw caution to the winds, or make a false start. So the advice would be to try to keep things on an even keel and don’t dive in head first at full revs with all guns blazing before you are sure of your ground.

From the 22nd there’s a brighter, less inward, vibration around. So that could manifest as more opportunities to be in environments with scope for play or creativity or empowering activities. Or to be more involved with those in party mood whether as a participant or a facilitator. More emphasis is given to children, youngsters or romantic partners for some, and for others, there could be more socializing and maybe more contact with arts/entertainments or the leisure industry. You are more likely to feel the light of appreciation from others or be participating in activities you find fun or personally empowering.


Saturn is now in Sagittarius and will stay there until late 2017. This puts her into a positive angle to your Sun sign. Overall, it can mean ultimate success if you pay more focused, nurturing attention to your creativity, or playful, fun activities over the long-term. Equally, any leisure or creative activities may be harder to organize or you have less time for them or you have to be persevering to achieve success with them.

More responsibility regarding children, animals or loved ones may put a heavier burden on your shoulders. It may be difficult to show patience at times but a more disciplined, serene approach will help them bear fruit. It may also mean that, because of one (or more) of these examples you feel held back or limited in your freedom to frolic so you must proceed in a more patient, organized fashion. Then you are on the road to building a solid and robust structure which stands the test of time in any of these areas.

Leos born 5th-10th August or with 13-18 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this forecast period.


Jupiterian expansiveness will tend to support a more outgoing, upbeat, positive frame of mind until Oct 2017. You may be on a learning curve developing yourself though education, speaking, writing or other forms of creative expression. You could be travelling more. There could be more interesting daily exchanges which are positive, revealing or there are more comings and goings to and from a locality which could be at a distance. New concepts, jargons and connections will be carved into your mental landscape between now and August.  Leos born 1st-10th August or with 10-18 degrees rising will feel the energy the most this forecast period.

(Jupiter on Pluto in the second half of the month helps you with the power to succeed through intuitive evaluation of what really matters most at this time. There may be a feeling of things being out of your personal control, or a battle of wills so keep your integrity intact but don’t be obsessive.)

A mention of Pluto’s long transit through your area of work and health since 2008:

At times you may feel there is an ongoing power struggle with someone or something not singing from the same page as you in the area of work or health. (Your own, or someone else’s).

This may become a long-lasting situation or condition where you feel you are not displaying the aspects of yourself you prefer, and this is due to the outside influence which is controlling and hampering you. Either a work or health-related condition (yours or another’s) which is holding you back.

In either case you need to pay attention. It is necessary to understand that Pluto is about regeneration through stripping down to the most basic layer. There will be no papering over the cracks when Pluto is around. If it is about health, then the answer will not be found by looking into the symptoms as mainstream medicine does. The answer lies in the causal level. To reach that level you have to delaminate down to the basics. In other words do a deep clean, a declutter and if that means deleting old programs AND detoxifying the body, then that is what you must do. It is a radical cleaning up of your lifestyle. Once the basic operating system is running better, then you can regenerate with new programs.

So, the good news is Pluto is the planet of transmutation and rebirth and you uncover this once you have followed a labyrinth and met the Lord of your own Underworld – what lies hidden in the body, the psyche or the type of work you do. Once you have dived deep, and struck at the roots, then you will retrieve the gift of good health, or the treasure of how to live with healthy daily practices at work or at home in a more balanced, productive way, tailored to your unique requirements. And although you may not get what you thought you wanted, you’ll get what you need.

During this forecast period, Pluto will be felt most by those born 7th-9th August or with 14-17 degrees rising.

Pluto will be in this area of your solar chart until 2024.

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What today looks like:

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Continuing today, and ending on Tuesday, our Moon and Jupiter are joining in Sagittarius. A caring, adventurous feeling is in effect in your area of pleasure, leisure, gaming, and creative self expression, during this powerful link. In relaxing places, now might be a good time to expand your career.

Also today: continuing today, and ending on the 3rd, the planet Mars is tussling with Neptune. Mars sitting in the sign of Gemini might mean an intellectual, communicative drive in your area of groups, friends, and social circles. It might be frustrating to be with a different group of people, or make unexpected changes, while this awkward clash continues.

As well: from today until the 1st, the Sun and the planet Uranus go on joining in Taurus. A self-oriented, idealistic impulse is present in your area of profession, social standing, and fatherhood, during this intensive link. In your career, now might be a good time to own something different.

Also On This Day:

  • Starting today and ending on the 1st, Venus is in a conjunction with the planet Mercury.
  • Our Moon starts transiting Capricorn until Thursday.
  • Mars carries on transiting the sign of Gemini until the 15th.

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