Mitt Romney has the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Scorpio – both watery, emotionally driven signs. The Asc is Gemini and the MC (career point) is Aquarius – both airy, mentally driven signs.


The Moon (for us all) is about inherited behaviour patterns and knee-jerk responses. Romney’s Moon in Scorpio tends to be intense, determined but also witholding and secretive. His Sun in Pisces pins his self-identity to good works and service to others but there’s also a tendency to ‘exit’ when under pressure.

The Ascendant and Midheaven show how others see us and in Romney’s chart these are sociable, communicative and humanitarian – very different to his more private Moon in Scorpio.


Also of note is that Mitt Romney’s natal chart has no earth. The lack of earth is a concern in a potential leader of a large nation as, when challenged, his habit is to react emotionally and sometimes secretively (the Scorpio Moon), while on the surface, his Gemini Ascendant communicates in a quick, plausible helpful manner belying how, when under pressure, his thinking might become scattered and anxious. The  calm steadiness of earth is lacking and he needs earthy advisors at his side to make up for the lack of grounding energies in his chart.

He is a team player, but may omit to keep his colleagues in the loop and his changes of mood may confuse them.


Outwardly, his chart shows a friendly, versatile, mental energy which overlays the Piscean ideal of service and playing the role of saviour. Like a colourful, tropical fish, his chart energies are mentally restless, changeable, but with an emotional fixity of purpose and a talent for ducking and diving at lightening speeds when threatened by probing questions. The purity and wholesomeness of his beliefs shine through him like the electric blue stripe on the body of the quick fish, so distracting that we cannot see where he is. He moves this way and that, so prettily and articulately with his pronouncements, but he may be too flexible and change his position once too often. Both Pisces and Gemini are dual signs and the left hand often doesn’t know what the right hand is doing and so his youthful choir-boyish persona vies with a murky asset-stripping past and his tendency to lose his rag and get over-defensive.


He has a grass-hopper mind which is very imaginative, and innovative which fits a fast paced environment and he would be brilliant as a children’s entertainer.  I have no doubt he has suffered in private, Pisceans do, and that there’s been much sacrifice on the road to his horizon despite never having to deal with tough issues like poverty, poor housing or bad education on his way up the ladder. I can see from his chart he may have felt challenged by a father who may have shown him little warmth but bestowed a rich inheritance upon him. His chart also shows he sees his job as a vocation, and that he is ‘called’ to serve.


His Sun/Mercury in hard aspect to Uranus make him creatively inventive and free-spirited but temperamental and a tad ego-centric – perfect credentials for a performance artist. The Uranian vibration is a law unto itself and the mark of a progressive, futuristic thinker (depending on other aspects) but it may also mean even though he feels at home working through a collective of kindred spirits, he feels his freedom should not be checked, that he ‘is different’ to others and even above a law which says it’s wrong to mislead by omitting or distorting certain facts. He may genuinely believe that the means justifies the end and that being economical with the truth is a weapon in a Holy crusade.  His humanitarian, reformist urges spring from deep convictions but he may be let down by the lack of earth in his chart and a calm, realistic continuity of purpose over the long-term.

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