The Lunar eclipses of 2014 fall across the I/YOU axis. In other words; Aries/Libra.

These eclipses have been putting the emphasis on important relationships. So you may be asking questions as the eclipses make this area changeable. At times we must confront our own expectations and inner motivations but also our baggage and knee-jerk reactions.

Aries/Libra on the I/You axis are both influenced by the game-changing energies of the planets Uranus and Pluto in their years long transit in a hard angle with eachother.

Consequently, this has been, and continues to be, a golden opportunity to let go of outmoded behaviours in relationships or habitual approaches whether that is in a personal or professional sense, which are no longer relevant. And above all there will be opportunities to learn how to come from your own strong centre in relationship. However, to achieve that we must learn how to be strongly anchored within and stand in our power.

Lunar eclipse on Oct 8th 2014

The lunar Eclipse in Aries brings us to new beginnings in important relationships. You may have embarked on this direction of travel at the time of the New Moon or there may simply have been a shift in gears around that time. Oct 8th is the moment for adjustments or going to the next level. It puts the ball in your court so be honest with yourself.

The more you do your own thing (but first you must understand what your thing is) within the parameters of yr obligations to the other, the more rewarded you will be in important relationships.

Use what you have learnt from experiences earlier in the year to approach relationships in a new way, or, if you feel a lack, then make a fresh start with yourself, step into new things and thus, change your signal and radiate differently. This will draw to you what/who you need on that new signal frequency.

This eclipse is strongly influenced by Uranus, planet of revolution and awakening. So the fresher you feel, the clearer you are about the need for positive change or going to the next stage, the more benefit you will feel from this eclipse.

And it is not just you alone who creates with this energy, the universe will create from it and manifest events or conditions which force new growth.

The Solar eclipse on Oct 23rd in Scorpio conjunct Venus is completing your Taurus/Scorpio lessons of 2014 around property, possessions, passions and deeper connections. You should have sifted through what is of most value to you over the preceding months – sometimes through adverse situations – which helped you understand more clearly what is less meaningful or more worthwhile at this stage of your life. It may be the result of some deeper self enquiry but your focus for positive change will continue to be related to ownership, guardianship, debts due or owed, moral obligations, contracts or deep emotional attachments.

The Grand Fire Trine is truly a gift during late Sept and early Oct. Inspiring and full of promise, there is renewed hope for the future. This is a launch-pad energy – great for new enterprises. It is healing and freeing and could be the rabbit-out-of-the-hat moment you have been waiting for. Magic! This is the moment to take a leap of faith.

Watch the space on or near Oct 8th as there is an extraordinary energy of change and inspiration afoot.

This promising configuration in the sky falls within the long-term Uranus/Pluto transit causing so much tension, conflict and upheaval in the world which will demand a letting go in exchange for something fresh and new to flourish.

It always depends on the emphasis of these transits in your NATAL chart to get a clearer picture of how you may be experiencing this cycle.

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