Those with planets or important points between 8-12 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces) will be most strongly affected by the Saturn/Neptune transit.

This transit has been underpinning much indecision, confusion and fear-based thinking over June/July 2016, making it difficult to know who or what to believe or which path to follow. Decisions made now are in danger of being the result of negative thinking or simply being led up the garden path by someone pulling the wool over our eyes (knowingly or unknowingly).

Saturn/Neptune close by degree have the knack of denying us clarity and worrying us – about something which is probably not going to happen or is, in reality, not anything like as dire as we are told.

During this transit, if an important decision must be made, do not do it from fear or confusion. Just keep the faith and stay true to what you know and feel already. Do not go chasing through the clamour of other’s thoughts to find your truth. Simply go with what resonates with your deeper feelings and your intuitive gut knowing.

Those with planets or important points on or near the current degrees who have been seriously burying their heads in the sand, procrastinating or indulging in escapism through substance use or other negative ways of avoiding reality, may experience a reality check from the Saturn/Neptune transit. Conversely, if you have been too literal, responsible, blinkered, slavishly obeying the rules around the clock at the expense of your spirituality, imagination or permissible play or zone-out time, you also will have something to learn about a faith and trust from this Saturn/Neptune transit.

In either scenario there is an imbalance. In the first example, a denial of the need to be realistic, and, in the other, too heavy an emphasis on duty and appearances. This current transit will bring the opportunity to merge the need for duties, discipline, order and structure with ones dreams, imagination, spirituality or service. Look at the HOUSES Saturn and Neptune are transiting in your natal or sun-sign chart for a clearer grasp of how this transit may be affecting you.

I will suggest some ideas for each sign in the July forecast as to how the Saturn/Neptune transit may manifest.

Regarding the UK referendum, people are feeling goaded into making a decision which will affect generations to come based upon very little in the way of solid fact. As usual we are subjected to the claptrap, point scoring and one-upmanship coming from the suits (yes, that was a U not an H) in parliament and the world of business.

The Brexiters bleat about claiming our power back and our democratic right to make our own policies on domestic affairs including the refugee crisis/immigration. Mainly these are the Eton boys and other ‘career’ politicians with little experience of the world of you and I, who are miffed at being gagged and prevented from perpetrating the full range of their idealistic, draconian, cold-hearted version of democracy upon the ordinary person who is trying to have a life whilst dodging the bullets of cuts and taxes on everything, even death. The Eton boys and their like want to grab back more power for themselves. It is not about the restoring power to the ordinary person in the street…

From the look of both the EU and the UK charts EITHER road will be a bumpy one. One course is for Britain to jump the EU ship, cross fingers, and wait until the waves and the tides eventually wash us up on solid ground – however many years down the line. But not before the £ takes a serious dive below the waves and all kinds of legislation is rewritten regarding rights of British nationals abroad – and that’s just for a starters.

The other course is to stay onboard and be a part of charting a territory never before encountered. To have a say in directing how things are shaping up in the European block and the Common Market. Britain has an illustrious history, has an island mentality, and is used to paddling its own canoe down through history. It is wealthy and powerful after 40 odd years in the Common Market, and, it seems, it is so successful that most of the natives of the rest of Europe want to live here. Highly successful from inside the EU of course.

The one size fits all deal with the EU will have to be renegotiated and reforms will be necessary in some areas so as to tailor to each individual country’s needs. Britain needs to have a say, be in the wheelhouse of the great EU ship plotting the course and laying out the shape of the landscape of the New World.


Actually, the astrology shows a hard furrow to plough in either direction (leave or stay), but there is an overview provided by the expanded awareness of ‘guidance’ which has pointed out again and again we are entering into an Age of Inclusion, an Epoch of Integration and Collectivity. It is not about ‘assimilation’ or some kind of ‘takeover merger’. The value of each individual portion of that collective has to be acknowledged, honoured, and valued for its unique part of the tapestry that is a united Europe and a united world.

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