On the winter Solstice 21/12/2012 the Moon will be in Aries, the Sun will be conjunct Juno and in a wide conjunction with Pluto.

Juno represents a collective ‘remembering’ about why we, as spirits, came down into these dimensions of limitation – especially at this pivotal moment in earth’s long history. From here we will be reminded increasingly of the contracts linked to the past, to our soul family, and our spiritual path. December 21st 2012 is the turning point moment when The Sun, Juno and Pluto help us emerge from the long Galactic winter of 25,626 years into the first rays of the GALACTIC SPRING and we begin to awaken from the long sleep of forgetfulness as at last, our Solar system begins orbiting back towards the Galactic centre and we ‘come home’ to the truth of ourselves as Spiritual beings of Light.

As we begin the Age of Aquarius, the Long Remembering begins in earnest. We begin to remember not only our origins in the beating heart of Love and Unity but we come back into right relationship with the Mother Ship – Mother earth herself.

7 thoughts on “The Winter Solstice 2012”

  1. dianemaxwell says:

    Hi, i am so excited about 21/12/12. i wait with baited breath to witness these changes.

  2. kathryndavison says:

    Writing to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Diana, and much gratitude for all that you share and offer. BLESSINGS!

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