(A slightly edited quote from Paul Simon’s song ‘The Boxer’).


So, let’s have a look at the politicians with their ‘LIES AND JESTS’.

In two days people go to vote. And so far things are looking rather confusing for the voter, to put it mildly.
This is a symptom of the massive revolutionary power of the planets Uranus and Pluto not to mention Saturn returning to Pluto’s sign for another phase of metamorphosis from the corroded, outlived, systems and ideologies of a bygone age. Their job is to BREAKDOWN, MELTDOWN, TEARDOWN and then to RENOVATE, REPLENISH, and REBIRTH from the raw materials remaining. So, in this time of global change a healthy expression of this energy should probably not be a majority government rooted in the ‘old school’ way of thinking. There SHOULD BE a fresh collegiate of parties working alongside eachother representing a much wider array of people in the UK (and outside Britain as well).

It may just help a confused voter to realize which stretch of the road we are on. Astrologically speaking we are in the run-up to a MAJOR shift. Exciting? Or scary…
Political systems, including Democracy itself are coming under the light of scrutiny, will be deconstructed where necessary – revolutionized and then reformed. Next up Capitalism and Religions across the modern world.

I will just run through the charts of the leaders of the various parties in my role as an observer and not a judge, with my foot on the accelerator.

I find it interesting that ALL THE A-LISTERS IN THIS ELECTION HAVE THE SUN IN CARDINAL SIGNS and the Cardinal signs are undergoing a major re-orientation. Aside from Nicola, this transit asks them to leave the past behind and take a giant step forwards in their lives. Nicola will be coming into this phase in 2017 onwards but there will be rumblings June-August 2016.
The B-listers, in the Green Party are NOT Cardinal signs but have significant Mutable sign energy which will be influenced by Saturn over the next 2-3 years showing gradual development whilst surmounting obstacles.

As a double Libra, since the previous election he has been in the clutches of Uranus/Pluto. The Uranus position shows his reactions will be influenced by the unpredictable energy of an opposite number or partner there to unseat, scupper or tarnish his otherwise highly polished, people-pleasing façade. Pluto hasn’t finished doing a deep-clean of his psyche and Saturn/Chiron is niggling him about not being up to the tasks at hand (probably goes back to his relationship with his mother), and he will be feeling that pretty strongly in 2017. Cracks will appear in his glossy veneer and long-suppressed horned devils will pop out.
Old attitudes imposed by his background and buried feelings are likely to bubble up to the surface and sabotage him as he goes forward. Having said that, there are some fleeting but positive energies around for him on the day of the election.

With Neptunian mists of delusion and illusion swirling around his Sun for much of the past 5 yrs he will have felt ‘called’ to be the ‘rescuer’, the crusader on a once in a life-time mission which heals the breach in the county’s purse, but, due to Neptune’s duplicitous nature, he causes much suffering to those already used to being the victim. Post election he is looking pressured, and somewhat squashed.

“A fateful power struggle on his career point” (which is what Clegg has been dealing with for the past 2 years). Miliband has about 4 years of that tussle in front of him. Going forward, what will panic Ed most are money matters and material security. His character is tenacious, stubborn, responsible, and rather sneaky. But he is going to feel quietly unnerved about this, and, at times, unable to make clear-cut decisions, the latter possibly because he is on the horns of a dilemma or feeling scuppered or outplayed by another some of the time. T Neptune conjunct his Mars is definitely disempowering and that transit is hanging around for a couple of years to come. The afore-mentioned struggle has already been and will continue to be gut-wrenching and he may feel coerced or out-manoeuvred at times.
Astrologically the force has been with him over the last month of the campaigning and on the day of the election sensitive/emotional Moon is conjunct supportive Venus and the following day natal Sun and T Moon come together to provide some fleeting inner harmony. Doesn’t last long as Saturn retros on to his Neptune on the 17th there to stay for 4 months or so looking like he will be spooked and ‘fearing the worst but hoping for the best’. The fact that Miliband has declined the ‘hand of friendship’ from Nicola Sturgeon shows he is expecting the impossible with a landslide victory for his party and that just goes to show how utterly disconnected he is to the people of the UK and these very strange times we are living through.

As mentioned above Clegg also has “a fateful struggle on his career point” which may mean tripping over but hopefully sometimes integrating his own beliefs and values with that of another’s. Nick has already been dealing with that transit for a couple of years, (Pluto on the M/C) and he has a couple of years of the acute phase to go. So he is slam dunk in the middle of shifting into a new embodiment of his worldly role partly through this and the limiting influence of Saturn in his partnership area. People and conditions will conspire to manifest these planetary energies in his life.
For several months post election Clegg will also have a limiting, challenging energy in his house of opposite numbers and partners.

Post election communications with partners and opposite numbers will be uncertain, unclear. It’s likely he will feel undermined. Also Neptune is causing insecurity regarding his professional position and he may feel victimized or try playing the innocent bystander who has been sidelined to curry favour.
Uranus/Pluto continue to shape-shift his Sun Aries identity and he will be inwardly questioning his motives and outwardly gradually redefining his core values in new, more palatable ways. And the more he can bring himself to act selflessly for the common good, the more he will become master the situation.

Her natal chart is a balanced mix of idealism and practical realism with a reformist streak and, as a Cancerian (like Angela Merkel), she is ferociously protective and caring. A creative thinker with a mind as sharp as a meat cleaver, her Cancerian Sun is still out of range of the destabilizing influence of Uranus/Pluto. However, change is in the wind and will be felt more strongly in 2017/18.
On the day of the election supportive Venus will be sandwiched between her Sun and and passionate competitive Mars, and then over the following days increasingly brings the diplomatic, persuasive side out of her Mercury. But first the T Sun will pass over her Saturn so she will feel limited and pressured by opposite numbers and partners. As in Ed Miliband’s chart, she will have a lengthy and somewhat stressful transit of Saturn over her Neptune which has one ‘fearing the worst and hoping for the best’. We shall see which one handles it better. Interestingly, their two charts’ orientation are mirrors of eachother.
She must be careful not to slip up on the oily, deceptive surface of T Neptune opposing her natal Venus and be cautious in matters of close relationship as a partner or opposite number can be disingenuous and muddy the waters in phases over the next couple of years. Putting personal desires on one side she will have to show unselfish support to another –who she may disagree with – in close relationship over this time.

(No birth times)
Look as if they are on a steady but slow uphill climb over the next 2-3 years, learning how to be more realistic and savvy in the way they represent their party’s policies. How well either of them handles the obstacles will be a matter of character and emotional stability.

Penetrating, insightful, with the current transit of Pluto on his Mercury and conjunct his relationship axis. Much will be revealed to Alex Salmond over this next year and he could be lethal in what he triggers and exposes deep in the English psyche at Westminster (and beyond!). Neptune transiting his career point over the coming years will make demands on his ability to be selfless and sometimes sacrificing in his expression both at home in his personal life and across the wider stage. His will have great influence through speaking and writing.