When the Sun is in Virgo the identity is very centred around service.

Virgo is a practical Earth sign. It’s a very versatile, adaptable Earth sign, but it likes to be of practical use in this world. So Virgo people often get into trades, or train in skills which are going to be helpful and assist others in some way.

Virgo prizes precision, efficiency, competency, can even be a little bit pedantic, shall I say, because it does like to get things right, and there is quite a perfectionist tendency with the Sun in Virgo.

As long as the Virgo person realises that it is not possible to be perfect here, because this dimension is the dimension of duality, and of imperfection. The Virgo person must realize that all they can do is their best in any situation, without tiring themselves out.

Consciously Virgos are evolving towards understanding about what true service is, and how they can really put their ability – their skill – to good use with others, in a way which is friendly, and perhaps with quite a light touch.

The Virgo energy of course is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is quicksilver, but it works differently through Virgo compared to through Gemini which is more on the mental plane. Virgo is very much more through hand and eye coordination, being good with its hands, or indeed just being good with a very practical slant, or with being the disseminator, or the gatherer of information.

The energy of Virgo is very much connecting with others, or connecting others with themselves, or with useful environments, in very practical, service orientated, healing, caring, nurturing kinds of ways.

The colours of Virgo tend to be in the area of the blues, the blue-greens, particularly more into the green because Virgo is to do with the Earth and Mother Nature.

The part of the body of Virgo is the digestive system, the alimentary canal, because the thing about Virgo is it needs to process, and it needs to be very detailed and analytical in that processing.