Early Virgo’s are receiving a hard, opposing aspect from Neptune which can mean confusion, lack of clarity surrounding someone, sort of ‘now you see them, now you don’t’. Or maybe it’s an inability to separate the needy from the greedy in your life.There may be boundary issues as you become more sensitive to whats going on around you. If necessary put up a shield of protection – ie imagine a protective bubble around you… it works! Also you will tend to need more sleep or ‘day-dreaming’ time BUT try to make sure you have some daily activity which focuses your mind. Ideally this is something you WANT to be doing and can feel relaxed and safe throughout. You may find yourself fantacizing about someone – or someone is putting you on a pedestal and neither of you has the true picture.
You see, Neptune rules the pineal gland (or the third eye) and is the least ‘earthly’ of all the planets and during this transit you will have moments of slipping into the next dimension on a subconscious level without noticing, but it can make you absent minded or maybe a bit ‘fuzzy’ like you aren’t all here. Quite hard to make decisions or get a clear grasp of others. All that is normal. Have a look at my website where I’ve written about the possible effects of Neptune.
Have a look at the section on Uranus too.
There will be periods in 2013 when you are in this ‘smoke and mirrors’ energy.

198 thoughts on “Early Virgo and Neptune”

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