Horses eviscerated alive for fun at the Torneo de Lazo in Yucatan

I love animals, and I have been privileged to have had their presence in my life since I was a little girl. Horses in particular have enriched my human existence in ways beyond words. They have brought me many gifts, and their consciousness has expanded my own and made me a wiser human being. Their love is different to that of humans, it is wide and generous and unconditional. They have shown me grace and strength and beauty in action.

The Shire horse who pulled our boat with 54 passengers onboard for many years was always calm and gentle with the school children whose small hands reached up his great shoulders and neck to stroke and marvel at his warm soft coat. He would stand there calmly, all 18 hands of pure muscle, whilst the excited children danced all around him, awe–inspired by his hugeness and his kindness. At the end of a 20 mile trip, after towing the boat through the English countryside, he liked nothing better than to be unhitched from the harness and stretch his neck down to the grass. But he would wait whilst the children marvelled at him and patted his great flanks, shoulders, face and neck, even running under his belly. This great, powerful creature who had pulled the boat all those miles with no engine!! Silently, the boat ploughing a V through the water, leaving wild-life undisturbed and only chuckling, gurgling eddies behind it. Horse-power! He seemed to understand they were showing their love and appreciation, he would stand patiently while all this noisy hustle and bustle was going on around him, lowering his head so the little hands could reach his face. Truly, a creature of nobility and grace in a giant’s body.

Yes, a gentle, friendly giant. To those city children it would have been the first opportunity they had ever had to be taken on a magical trip through the secret, meandering waterways and get so close to such a magnificent creature which they could actually feel under their hands.

When I received the request to sign this petition today and saw the picture which you will see I felt my heart convulse with pain.

I didn’t want to see this as I’m sure you won’t – but this cannot be allowed to pass.

What is going on here is beyond disgusting. This is humanity at it’s most depraved and children are involved. “Humans stink” and the stench comes from those that perpetrate this kind of sadistic torture on innocent animals who give unconditional love to the world.

Please, please grit your teeth, have a look, and send this to whoever you think will sign the petition.

With respect and love to you all,

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