I’d like to introduce Idanna who is a gifted psychic and counsellor rolled into one.

She doesn’t go in for trivial readings but sees her work as a form of guidance and points out the tools and gifts we already have and apply them.

Along with her psychic ability she endeavours to help us understand that we have the power to choose a future we prefer which could change our life for the better. She likes watching her clients grow and develop over the years and, during her sessions, she offers food for thought with her knowledge of human nature and psychic insight.

Her time spent working in A&E years ago taught her a great deal about human nature, and now she combines experience, empathy and integrity coupled with clear and inspiring readings.

I heartily recommend her services.

To contact Idanna simply fill in the form and send it to us and she will respond to you.


Idanna – 30years experience of listening to her guides enabling her to give readings that help empower and enlighten.

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