Leo Horsocope for May 2016 and Today

Diana's Monthly Leo Forecast for May 2016


Until the 21st the Solar energy theme means you will be taking your targets or overall direction more seriously or be more aware of how you present yourself and the impression you are making on others, or how something is representing you. Traditions or social conventions may have more of your attention.

You may have to be more aware of the rules imposed by officials, parents, bureaucracy and anyone to whom you have responsibilities. The overall idea is to project an appropriate image and be consistent and responsible as you go forwards. 


Discussions, correspondence and targets may involve bureaucracy, parental figures or the ‘powers that be’. Or it may mean more ‘official’ type paper-work or correspondence. Career, a new enterprise, or those who may facilitate your aims could be highlighted. You may find your goals and schemes are being validated or rejected by the by the way things are unfolding across the wider stage. You will be putting mental effort into expressing yourself in the best way you can so as to get the result you desire. Vehicles, transport or communications equipment may also be on your mind.

Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd which means hold-ups or having to think things through more carefully.


Until the 24th Venus is helping to create more favourable circumstances with authority figures, like bosses, parents who will be positively emphasized as they tend to see you or your work in a friendly light. There could be an ally – possibly a female – or just someone you feel close to no matter whether they are socially above you or not, who is invaluable to your success or who facilitates an ambition. You yourself could be the one who takes a firm but friendly stand and enables another to achieve their goals.


From the 24th Venus warms group relationships and other associations. You will tend to feel supported by others who are singing from the same page or have common interests, as you move forwards with something you have hoped for, maybe for a long time. Networking, group gatherings or team efforts benefit from Venus’s sociable, helpful mood. Anything related to technology or activity online may be interesting, materially beneficial and, in general facilitate positive experiences. As Venus also rules money and property, you may benefit materially through groups, friends or special associations.


Mars is retrograde all month which tends to mute the action and may cause some re-thinking. Those born either in the first week or with up to 8 degrees rising will be feeling the effects most. This is not a great time to initiate a competition or a fight you dearly need to win. If possible, wait until the retrograde is over.

Mars is retrograde all month which tends to mute the action and may cause some re-thinking. Those born either in the first week or with up to 8 degrees rising will be feeling the effects most. This is not a great time to initiate a competition or a fight you dearly need to win. If possible, wait until the retrograde is over.

Until the 28th Mars is in a more spontaneous, and for some, romantic area, giving you the trigger to be more in the mood to take a chance on love or to speculate upon other possibilities. There could be occasions when you feel at the centre of attention or just more involved physically doing things you enjoy. Your creative energy, or competitiveness will tend to come to the fore. Whatever is going on, you could feel more in your power, or more in touch with your ‘child within’ but equally, you could be busier because of children or younger ones in your life. Overall this is the time to get active with projects you enjoy and which are rewarding and empowering. Great for the entrepreneurs and ‘creatives’ amongst you, and you may be more in the mood to take a gamble on an outside chance despite having to jump through a few hoops.


From the 28th Mars is at the root of your chart. This means you could be busier than usual in and around HQ, or because of a property or another location. Physical effort may be needed right in your own back yard or there is more physical demand on you because of family, neighbourhood or community. Decisiveness, assertiveness or more stamina may be needed because of any of these possibilities. Mars in this area could mean a lot more coming and going within a locality even if it is not your usual stamping ground or there may be more hustle and bustle around you. As always with Mars, there could be moments of tension which surface now and again and affect your mood and you may find a way to use pent up energies in a more positive manner. Skeletons may start rattling in the closet and you have to ride the waves of emotional reactions or elements from the past have more impact or relevance to the present. On the other hand you may be putting your energies into something which connects you with society’s traditions, your own background, Mother Nature or the planet as a whole. For some, parents or parenting will be emphasized – especially the male side.

From the 21st the Solar energy makes it a forward-moving phase when friendships, associations or more involvement within a community or a group of kindred spirits could be a key feature. A future-orientated phase when you may be working to realize an idea or ideal which has been on the backburner for a long time. Networking, group connections and technology may also be emphasized.


Saturn is now in Sagittarius and will stay there until late 2017. This puts her into a positive angle to your Sun sign. Overall, it can mean ultimate success if you pay more focused, nurturing attention to your creativity, or playful, fun activities over the long-term. Equally, any leisure or creative activities may be harder to organize or you have less time for them or you have to be persevering to achieve success with them.

More responsibility regarding children, animals or loved ones may put a heavier burden on your shoulders. It may be difficult to show patience at times but a more disciplined, serene approach will help them bear fruit. It may also mean that, because of one (or more) of these examples you feel held back or limited in your freedom to frolic so you must proceed in a more patient, organized fashion. Then you are on the road to building a solid and robust structure which stands the test of time in any of these areas.

Leos born 3rd-7th August or with 12-16 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this forecast period.


Jupiter is in your area of piggy-bank, property and possessions. So, until Sept/2016 remain open to whatever resource, knowledge or experience might help you expand mentally or physically into fresh territories. Such decisions could teach you a great deal and even turn out to be lucrative or worthwhile in other ways down the line.

Jupiter here will also help you decide what is of highest priority to you at this stage in your life‘s journey. He will help you to think positively about basic resources (money or property) and he will help you realize your own worth through opportunities for you to show others what talents and abilities you have. Others are more likely to show appreciation of your property, talents or experience over this long transit.

Leos born 3rd-6th August with 12-15 degrees rising will feel the energy the most this forecast period.

A mention of Pluto’s long transit through your area of work and health since 2008:

At times you may feel there is an ongoing power struggle with someone or something not singing from the same page as you in the area of work or health.

This may become a long-lasting situation or condition where you feel you are not displaying the aspects of yourself you prefer, and this is due to the outside influence which is controlling and hampers you. Either a work or health-related condition (yours or another’s) which is holding you back.

In either case you need to pay attention. It is necessary to understand that Pluto is about regeneration through stripping down to the most basic layer. There will be no papering over the cracks when Pluto is around. If it is about health, then the answer will not be found by looking into the symptoms as mainstream medicine does. The answer lies in the causal level. To reach that level you have to delaminate down to the basics. In other words do a deep clean, a declutter and if that means deleting old programs or detoxifying the body, then that is what you must do. It is a radical cleaning up of your act. Once the basic operating system is running better, then you can regenerate with new programs.

So, the good news is Pluto is the planet of transmutation and rebirth and you uncover this once you have followed a labyrinth and met the Lord of the of your own Underworld. Once you have dived deep, and struck at the roots, then you will retrieve the gift of good health, or the treasure of how to live with co-workers or health providers in a more balanced, productive way. And although you may not get what you thought you wanted, you’ll get what you need.

During this forecast period, Pluto will be felt most by those born 8th-10th August or with 16-18 degrees rising.

Pluto will be in this area of your solar chart until 2024.

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What today looks like:

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Beginning today, and ending on the 6th, our Sun is competing with Saturn. Our Sun present in Gemini may mean your area of organizations, clubs, and social groups is provided with a curious, knowledgable agenda. It might be tricky to have fun in a group, or hang out with a group of friends, while this fluctuating, tricky link continues.

Also today: starting today, and concluding on Monday, the Moon is connecting with Mars. The Moon sitting in Pisces might mean a dream-like, contemplative desire in your area of joint finances, sex, and taboo. While this beneficial, easy link continues, it may be good to renovate your home, or to nurture joint finances.

As well: continuing today, and finishing on the 4th, the planet Mercury is cooperating with Pluto. Mercury sitting in the sign of Taurus might mean a reliable, dependable curiosity in your area of life-path, career, and position in society. It might be beneficial to do soemthing for your boss, or work in front of an audience, while this easy, natural connection continues.

Also On This Day:

  • The Moon continues transiting Pisces until Monday.
  • The Sun carries on transiting Gemini until the 20th.
  • The planet Mars continues transiting Scorpio until the 2nd of August.

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