If the sign Libra was coming over the eastern horizon when you were born that means you have a Libra ascendant.

Libra is a ruled by the planet which rules all things beautiful, and the arts, and balance, and that’s Venus. So in a way, you’re quite fortunate to have Libra rising when you were born, because automatically that gives you an aura that’s quite attractive externally, because of course the rising sign is about how we appear. It’s our external appearance.

There’s this symmetry often, or lack of symmetry which is quite obvious. There’s a sort of symmetry with Libra rising people, they stand square to the ground, they’ve got a good sense of balance, but also there can be something like one ear higher than the other. Sometimes that happens, because always there will be an issue around symmetry. Either perfect symmetry, or perfect symmetry with something just off. Like the one fault in the thread of the Persian carpet to show it was hand made.

The Libra rising personality is extremely diplomatic, and persuasive. Really there’s a lot of charm there.

The downside can be with Libra rising is that they try to be all things to all people. They don’t know when to draw the line, they don’t know when to say ‘no’, because there is an awful lot of energy going in to pleasing people really getting people on side, which in business and so on, and negotiations is great, and in mediation as well, and counselling. They have a real connectedness out in to the world, with others but on the other hand the downside might be that they lose the thread of themselves which is what can happen with Libra Sun as well. It depends on where the Sun and Moon are in the chart of the Libra rising person.

In relationship, well this is right up their street. Libra rising people just love feeling that companionship, and on the archetypal Ascendant-Descendant axis they’re connected to Aries, who is a very different kettle of fish. Because they are connected that is their soft underbelly, and when they do decide to take those soft, beautiful velvet gloves off you know they can pack quite a punch, and they can really step up to the plate. They’ve got grit, actually, but generally you don’t see that. You usually see that they’re trying to find a compromise. They will beat around the bush maybe endlessly and be a little indecisive at times.

The colours are maybe in the pastels, soft colours, but very colourful. The parts of the body that Libra rising rules are the kidneys, and also the sugar balance, so Libra rising should always try to drink lots of water and try to keep their hand out of the candy jar.

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