Pisces Horsocope for October 2016 and Today

Diana's Monthly Pisces Forecast for October 2016

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Until the 23rd is a gear-shifting phase, but you‘ll probably be feeling your way forwards intuitively and sounding things out as you go. You may have to be more conscious of another’s side of things. You may also be weighing up what another’s side of things is in a financial, legal or moral sense. You could be musing over some deeper questions, but answers will come more through intuition than the intellect. Transition will occur when, through mutual action with, or challenge from another, your value structure (and instinct) tells you what is the right thing to do.

Until the 7th Mercury is in your opposite sign. Communications – personal or professional, in close interactions and collaborations are highlighted and you’ll probably be sharing ideas and connecting with someone’s slant on things and even if you disagree, at least it helps you clarify your own thinking. You may be in relationship with someone whose guidance or information is valuable. Or you yourself may be more looked upon as the information-giver, go-between, or guide.

(Mercury and Jupiter at the beginning of the second week means it is easier to get the bigger picture or be more upbeat in your thinking).

(Sun over Pluto at the end of the second week could indicate intensity or a clash of wills/a letting go necessary before moving forward).

From the 7th discussions, ideas or research tend to be strategic and also revealing as you drill down to fundamentals and suss things out. At times, communications could become confidential, involved or intense . At this time, some of you may be giving confidential advice and perhaps ‘sensing’ more than thinking as your gut knowing will be stronger. Your thinking could focus on sensitive issues your own or another’s. Conversations could revolve around the joint financial situation or property or possessions belonging to or shared with another. There may be more paperwork or some rethinking related to an agreement or contract.

It may be that you feel quite passionate about something or someone and feelings go deep. Or, on the flip side, it’s probably easier for someone to push your buttons. Just trust your deeper instincts, stay away from ego, and try to avoid knee-jerk reactions. Get to the underlying issues within the current conditions.

(MID MONTH there could be some surprises with Sun on the degree of Uranus).


Until the 18th Venus encourages warmer more supportive relationships with those from far away, or from a different cultural background, or who has a specialist knowledge. Travel with a partner is possible or someone expands your thinking with their experience or background. You are more likely to connect with others who have an expertise which helps you add pieces of the puzzle. This could be financially advantageous. You yourself may be valued or admired for your knowledge, know-how or guidance and this may be a good time for putting the word out on to a wider stage and it could prove to be lucrative. Publications or educational establishments could be highlighted and you and someone may be on a bit of a learning curve together. A teacher or someone with wisdom could be helpful, or, through their contribution and support you ultimately get a better understanding or material reward for your joint efforts.


From the 18th more opportunities coming your way when Venus helps to create more favourable circumstances with authority figures, like bosses, parents who will be positively emphasized as they tend to see you or your work in a good light. There could be an ally – possibly a female – or just someone you feel close to no matter whether they are socially above you or not, who is invaluable to your success or who facilitates an ambition. On the other hand, you yourself could be the one who takes a firm but friendly stand and enables another to achieve their goals.

(In the last 3 days Venus on Saturn means more restraint or a more formal feeling in how you are relating).


Mars is transiting a very future-orientated and sociable area of your Solar chart. You will tend to be the initiator with projects or you have a lot on your plate because of a group with interests or aims in common. Mars can be a bit pushy, so, on the flip side, there may be tensions between you and a friend or associates related to this area.  Due to certain others, life becomes more demanding or annoying and you may have to be on the ball, competitive and decisive. Just avoid being hasty and don’t allow others to tire you out or push you into something you don’t want. This is a more progressive phase when things which have been shelved, sometimes for a long time, can start to move forwards again. Can be more technology orientated so things like the internet and the paraphernalia that goes with it could be emphasized.

Time to get the ball rolling?

(In the 3rd week Mars on Pluto could lead to extremism or over the top expectations from or to you. However, difficult things can be achieved and ambitions can be successful as long as you are aware of another’s interests as well as your own).


New potentials are in the wind from the 23rd. The Sun is in a more outgoing, expansive area tending to raise the spirits as you see fresh possibilities outside of the routine box. Time to make plans or launch into projects. Some of you may have itchy feet, and with the vibrations increasing opportunities to escape the daily grind, this is a good time to get out and about more and try new things.


Saturn has returned to the top of your Solar chart until late 2017. This is a more dynamic position of Saturn and not without its challenges. But, in slow stages, as you clear the obstacles, this will aid and abet you to redefine your place in the world, your image and life direction. This is the time of the harvest and you will reap seeds sown in past years for good or ill. You may feel you are not doing the work, projecting the image or receiving the recognition that you would like and you will be required to work harder at cultivating those in authority as a new structure takes shape. This transit may also emphasis the parental or authority figures in your life. If you are old enough, look back about 28/29 yrs or 14 yrs or 7 yrs to get the gist of what is unfolding now by recalling where you were then and what happened next. Can be quite an eye-opener!     

Pisceans born from 28th Feb-6th March or with 10-16 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this forecast period.   

(The current Saturn/Neptune transit brings uncertainty into this area, so, harder work to clarify things and get organized so as to go forward in a focused, confident manner. Because your sense of what your inner self really needs may be weaker or your sense of reality is somewhat skewed at times over the current Neptune transit through your sign, Saturn bringing a structure to nebulous Neptune is no bad thing. Here is the opportunity to establish yourself in a new, more realistic, less ambiguous manner in the wider world. You may be able to show more sympathy or sensitivity through your career or everyday life having to let go of too utopian a vision of how the world OUGHT to be run. Also, you may take stock of how some may be leaning too heavily upon you for ongoing support which seriously cramps your own style). Be careful not to become the servant of those who need to stand more on their own two feet.


Jupiter will be putting a beneficial emphasis into your joint financial area until Oct 2017. Materially, your life could grow and expand through the contribution of key associations or a partnership. So this can mean more money, possessions or improved physical conditions made available to you, or that you find it easier to access them through a key relationship. 

It may be a different financial strategy or set-up becomes a useful resource and it may be some kind of moral debt settled or financial debt is repaid.

Pisceans born 21st Feb-2nd March or with 3-12 degrees rising will feel the energy the most this forecast period.

Neptune is in your sign for many years. So during this long transit of Neptune through its home sign you may be called upon to make that sensitive, helpful side of your character more available to help others or to facilitate them in their lives. But it’s easier to end up being the ‘prop’ that others lean upon, so as long as you have separated the needy from the greedy, all will be well if you make stronger boundaries and integrate your own wishes too.

Pisceans born 26th February-1st March or with 8-11 degrees Pisces rising will feel the energy the most this month.

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What today looks like:

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Beginning today, and finishing on Friday, our Moon is struggling with Mars. The Moon sitting in Cancer may mean a sensitive, comforting desire in your area of games, fun, and children. It may be tricky to have fun in a group, or play a team game, while this competitive, difficult link continues.

Elsewhere: continuing today, and concluding on Saturday, the Sun is moving through Libra. For you, Pisces, this means a couple of days where taboos, sex, and close relationships are more immediate, and present for you. The Sun, when in Libra, provides a compromizing, socialable agenda.

Also today: continuing today, and concluding on the 11th, Venus is moving through Sagittarius. For you, Piscean, this means three weeks where society, motives, and career are more valuable, and pleasant to you. Venus, when in the sign of Sagittarius, provides an adventurous, independent sensibility.

Also On This Day:

  • Starting today and concluding on Friday, Neptune is in a trine aspect with our Moon.
  • A conjunction between the planet Pluto and the planet Mars continues today, and continues until the 30th.
  • The Moon continues transiting Cancer until Saturday.

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