Pisces Horsocope for August 2016 and Today

Diana's Monthly Pisces Forecast for August 2016

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Until the 23rd you may be dealing with more chores or niggly details, or, this may also be the moment to get to grips with health issues (yours or another’s) or a better diet and exercise regime. You may also be putting more effort into maintenance, repairs, or using skills. So, dealing with the ‘to do’ list and getting things organized better seems advisable, but there will be smiles along the way.


Mercury is in your opposite sign. Communications – personal or professional, in close interactions and collaborations are highlighted and you’ll probably be sharing ideas and connecting with someone’s slant on things and even if you disagree, at least it helps you clarify your own thinking. You may be in relationship with someone whose guidance or information is valuable. Or you yourself may be more looked upon as the information-giver, go-between, or guide.


Until the 6th Venus is in a more practical mood, favourably highlighting teamwork regarding daily chores, skilled work, running repairs or health matters – your own or another’s. Others will probably be in a co-operative, more supportive frame of mind assisting with your requirements.  You are more likely to have reasonable interaction with health-providers, co-workers and anyone providing assistance and so if there has been an ongoing problem chances are you will find someone to help with recovery or repair and, even if the problem is not resolved, the interaction will tend to be pleasant.


Good fortune likely from the 6th when Venus is strong in her favourite place and affairs of the heart are favoured. You and someone could be feeling a closer rapport, no matter whether it’s a personal or professional association. A special someone could come into your life and some of you could be tying the knot. But all types of relationship, personal, or professional tend to flow more easily. You and another could be enjoying eachother’s company or simply lending eachother a hand.


From the 3rd the Mars transit indicates this is a period for putting physical effort into achieving certain goals and ambitions. These may be career orientated or ‘via’ points on the way to where you hope to end up. Overall, this transit of Mars could inspire you to take more responsibility about your direction in life and you care more about the impressions you make on certain others. Over this transit you feel the need to work on image or reputation and reach standards which are demanded by those in authority, and, if you are decisive and energetic, Mars will help you get to where you want to go as long as his tendency to be controversial is handled. You may get frustrated with the powers that be as you feel they are slow, aggressive, inefficient or downright un-co-operative. If you manage to keep your cool and not be too hasty, you will make progress with the master-plan, but also with lesser goals and ambitions too.

From the 23rd you’ll benefit more from the support or contribution of another in close relationship or interaction. It’s not a time to be going it alone, so central to this period, will be how to give and receive the best out of partnerships and other close associations.  You and another could be bonding, teaming up or doing business together. But however it is for you, there is a stronger feeling of mutual interaction – or attraction!


Saturn has returned to the top of your Solar chart until late 2017. This is a more dynamic position of Saturn and not without its challenges. But, in slow stages, as you clear the obstacles, this will aid and abet you to redefine your place in the world, your image and life direction. This is the time of the harvest and you will reap seeds sown in past years for good or ill. You may feel you are not doing the work, projecting the image or receiving the recognition that you would like and you will be required to work harder at cultivating those in authority as a new structure takes shape. This transit may also emphasis the parental or authority figures in your life. If you are old enough, look back about 28/29 yrs or 14 yrs or 7 yrs to get the gist of what is unfolding now by recalling where you were then and what happened next. Can be quite an eye-opener!     

Pisceans born from 27th Feb-1st March or with 9-11 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this forecast period.   

(The current Saturn/Neptune transit brings uncertainty into this area, so, harder work to clarify things and get organized so as to go forward in a focused, confident manner. Because your sense of what your inner self really needs may be weaker or your sense of reality is somewhat skewed at times over the current Neptune transit through your sign, Saturn bringing a structure to nebulous Neptune is no bad thing. Here is the opportunity to establish yourself in a new, more realistic, less ambiguous manner in the wider world. You may be able to show more sympathy or sensitivity through your career or everyday life having to let go of too utopian a vision of how the world OUGHT to be run. Also, you may take stock of how some may be leaning too heavily upon you for ongoing support which seriously cramps your own style). Be careful not to become the servant of those who need to stand more on their own two feet.


Until September, Jupiter will be opening the way to a wider range of options via close personal or professional alliances. Because of key close associations your horizons will broaden. Others will be more interested in your knowledge and experience but, equally you will probably be intrigued by the fresh influences coming your way. Partners, colleagues, clients, friends could get you thinking more expansively and probably you will learn a lot through them. Pisceans born 11th-19th March or with 21-29 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this month.

Neptune is in your sign for many years. So during this long transit of Neptune through its home sign you may be called upon to make that sensitive, helpful side of your character more available to help others or to facilitate them in their lives. But it’s easier to end up being the ‘prop’ that others lean upon, so as long as you have separated the needy from the greedy, all will be well if you make stronger boundaries and integrate your own wishes too.

Pisceans born 27th February-2nd March or with 9-12 degrees Pisces rising will feel the energy the most this month.

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What today looks like:

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Continuing today, and concluding on the 5th, the Sun is clashing with the planet Saturn. The Sun present in Virgo might mean your area of agreements, one-on-one relationships, and partners is filled with a practical, analytical motivation. While this awkward clash continues, it might be awkward to attend to a long term relationship, or to deal with a long term contract.

Also today: starting today, and concluding on Wednesday, our Moon is moving through Leo. For you, Piscean, this means about three days where health, routine, and tasks are fostered, and more familiar in your life. The Moon, when in Leo, provides a feeling which is prideful, and self-oriented.

As well: continuing today, and ending on Sunday, the Moon is tussling with Uranus. Our Moon sitting in Cancer may mean a feeling which is gentle, and nurturing in your area of pleasure, leisure, gaming, and creative self expression. While this tough, awkward clash continues, it might be difficult to grow your wealth, or to have fun with your money.

Also On This Day:

  • Neptune begins an opposition with our Sun today, which continues until the 6th.
  • Mars carries on transiting the sign of Sagittarius until the 26th of September.
  • Our Moon continues transiting Cancer until Sunday.

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