Scorpio Horsocope for October 2016 and Today

Diana's Monthly Scorpio Forecast for October 2016

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Until the 23rd the Solar energies could manifest as a pull towards things going on behind the scenes or in your private life – perhaps to do with the past or perhaps it’s a work in progress. You’ll probably have to put aside personal desires and become more aware of another’s needs or requirements, even when you are not in the mood. Others may not fully realize how much you are dealing with as the Sun is in a karmic house during this phase. But this is no time to cling to ego, as, if you do, you may feel let down.


Until the 7th this will be a period in which to discuss, consider, and generally chew the fat in the company of others. You also may be networking or spending more time online. Others could find you articulate and your ideas interesting and you feel in an experimental mood as you explore different ideas or avenues of expression. You could be surprised by another’s style or unusual take on things. Equally others could see you as unconventional or inspiring.

(Mercury and Jupiter at the beginning of the second week means it is easier to get the bigger picture or be more upbeat in your thinking).

(Sun over Pluto at the end of the second week could indicate intensity or a clash of wills/a letting go necessary before moving forward).


From the 7th Mercury is working from deeper levels and your mind tends to become introspective and more open to emotional or subtle energies. You may be a little preoccupied by things going on in the background of your life, and you could find yourself zoning out or just feeling mentally at 6’s and 7’s as things may be a little up-in-the-air.  Zoning out isn’t necessarily a bad thing and, at this time, you can do your best thinking in a restful, nurturing environment or in a private bubble with others. Imagination and intuition are working well. Also a good time for healing, spiritual or imaginative activities, so, listen to your inner guidance, hold the vision of how you want it to be, and picture moving beyond what is now getting in the way of your happiness and wellbeing.

(MID MONTH there could be some surprises with Sun on the degree of Uranus).


Until the 18th Venus is in your sign, supporting a more gregarious, sociable mood and could boost your love-life or other close relationships. Meeting the world with more ease and enthusiasm after the previous phase which was less certain and more introspective. Reaching out to connect with others and some of you could be discovering a significant other.

Professional relationships get a boost with more opportunities to mix and mingle successfully or connect with those important to you. With Venus here you will tend to come across as more welcoming and attractive – good news business as well as your personal life. On the other hand, you could be feeling somewhat self-indulgent and inclined to treat yourself to activities, or purchases which boost morale or are a valuable asset. It’s not all easy-peasy with Venus, which also rules money and other material resources like possessions and property, and you’ll need to work to balance things, so just make sure that the flow of abundance is not flowing more from you than to you – unless that is your choice. Overall this is a good time to work the energy to your advantage and reap the potential benefits.


From the 18th Venus in an area concerning money, property, possessions and other basic stuff. Overall, it means you can do okay in financial negotiations or making the most of assets. Buying/selling/renting/leasing tends to go in your favour and applying for funding or investments made under this transit can prove beneficial as long as you are sensible and don’t take a wild risk. You and a friend could be getting organized materially, or expanding into new territories and enjoying the trip. In general, Venus tends to ease things materially and can open the path between money or other goodies and you but, just make sure the traffic isn’t travelling more away from you than towards you – unless this is your choice. 

(In the last 3 days Venus on Saturn means more restraint or a more formal feeling in how you are relating).


Mars is in your Solar communications sector accelerating mental processes and firing up the way you express yourself. A great time for getting to know people, places or new ideas.

Comings and goings may increase or you find yourself more in the stream of information exchange and this would be a good time to float a new concept or body of work. However, there may be tensions and you can feel overloaded with too much on your mind. Sometimes, it could feel that certain others are too impatient or over-assertive but, your own reactions may be too defensive or pinickity. It’s better to be measured and decisive in what you say, keeping lines of communication open rather than wasting energy wondering about someone’s deeper motives.

In general, there could be more correspondence or other types of paperwork than usual and flying hither and thither for business or personal reasons. Overall, you should start to feel more confident about making decisions or defining certain objectives more clearly. You can be proactive and successful with media, promotions, negotiations or simply speaking up for yourself in a more assertive way.

(In the 3rd week Mars on Pluto could lead to extremism or over the top expectations from or to you. However, difficult things can be achieved and ambitions can be successful as long as you are aware of another’s interests as well as your own).


Saturn is launching you into a 2 year cycle of more concentrated work related to the material/physical side of life. You can be successful but disciplined effort will be needed to manage the piggy bank and to improve quality of life or resources, whether that’s cash or vegetables. Gradually this side of things takes the shape you desire, but routine perseverance is the key as there will tend to be obstacles. Be kind to yourself, encourage yourself and don’t take your eye off the ball. Make what you have work better for you and you will build, sometimes through challenging conditions, a more comfortable reality which puts a smile on your face. Scorpios born 1st-8th November or with 10-16 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this forecast period.

(The current Saturn/Neptune transit brings uncertainty and indecision into this area, so harder work is needed to clarify things, get organized and go forward in a confident, focused manner. During the long transit of Neptune through your 5th house there is a tendency to be unrealistic or too rose-tinted specs about partners, children or speculative projects. You feel like taking a gamble when you are not completely clear about what’s involved or what the outcome might be. On the other hand, Neptune is in such a brilliant angle to your natal Sun you might just get away with it as your personal charisma and creativity is at a high and could even get you some recognition. Your imagination can be shaped by the current proximity of Saturn to Neptune (by degree) and if you proceed in a methodical, structured manner you can be successful with projects and popular at the same time. If you are at the stage of getting all your ducks in a row with something exciting – be persevering and don’t give up!


Jupiter is in your 12th house, there to stay until Oct 2017.

This is a good time for quietly developing projects, following healthier, more nurturing practices, or tying up loose ends behind the scenes. For healing the consequences of the past, maybe figuring out what went wrong or why you keep falling down the same old holes in the road. You may find you are nurturing and caring for others more as they may be leaning on you more than usual.

However you are likely to grow into a deeper understanding by being the supporter in the background.

But this is also the area where you can be your own worst enemy, shooting yourself in the foot because you cannot change old habits, emotional patterns or beliefs. This transit will help you grow from within and, as all things are connected, add to the pool of knowledge and goodwill for us all no matter how insignificant or difficult it may feel to you at the time. Healing or spiritual practices or imaginative work will help you reap the benefits of this transit.

Scorpios born 26th Oct-4th Nov or with 3-12 degrees rising will feel the energy the most over this forecast period.

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What today looks like:

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Beginning today, and finishing on Monday, the Moon is collaborating with the planet Uranus. The Moon present in the sign of Leo may mean your area of career, life-path, and society is infused with a self-oriented, expressive desire. It might be good to do soemthing for your boss, or work in front of an audience, while this beneficial, positive connection continues.

Also today: continuing today, and ending on the 9th, the Sun is teaming up with Mercury. Your area of appearance, and first impressions is provided with a rejuvinating, revolutionary power by the Sun in Scorpio. While this powerful connection continues, it may be good to take a leap in to the unknown, or to dwell on your appearance.

As well: concluding on the 30th, Pluto and Mars go on joining in Capricorn today. Your area of conversations, mental energy, and brief trips is filled with a pioneering, passionate action, during this intensive connection. In your local area, it may be good to make career changes at the moment.

Also On This Day:

  • Venus carries on transiting Sagittarius until the 11th.
  • Our Sun continues transiting the sign of Scorpio until the 21st of November.
  • The Moon carries on transiting Leo until Monday.

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