You may or may not know that Uranus, the Dorothy planet of sudden whirlwinds, change and disruption is in a years-long slow aspect with Pluto, planet of slow evolution and growth. At the end of Sept 2012 the full Moon in Aries conjuncts Uranus in a hard angle to Pluto and opposes the Sun in Libra. This is a potent mix and tends to serve as a trigger to the long-standing Uranus/Pluto effect which has been changing our world since 2010 and will continue to do so until 2019, although the most intense phase will probably be over the next 3-4 years. So we should expect events to manifest in the physical which really get our attention each time something triggers these two and these changes and upheavals are designed to help us shift into a new consciousness whether we like it or not!

I think this upcoming full Moon in Aries happening around the 29th/30th Sept could bring surprises especially if you have anything in the cardinal signs (Aries Libra Capricorn Cancer), but not necessarily horrible ones if they are handled calmly, but even better, understood to be part of the major gear-change affecting mass consciousness occurring across our planet. I spoke about this on the video ‘The Shift 2012 and also at the beginning of this year on the annual forecast for each of the signs.

Depending on your natal chart and how much work you’ve been doing on raising your vibration and opening to higher awareness over recent years, (months or weeks), something sudden, strange or unfamiliar which pops up now may turn out to be so minor that it’s forgotten almost immediately.

Any aspect with Uranus is so un-pin-down-able that the advice to those affected would be to keep calm and do not allow the agenda of others or external events unnerve you as the vibration could make you feel on the edge of your seat about something.

In general, Uranus rules electricity, so there may be power cuts. Pluto rules power struggles and political or other large controlling organizations, so there may be a show down, a stand off, protests or a sudden turn of events. Heroes come crashing down or rise triumphant. Pluto the sniffer-dog with its side-kick Uranus the Dorothy planet may bring surprising or shocking evidence to light which reveals what has hitherto been hidden from us over this long transit.

Or the influence could manifest as more earth changes as explosive Uranus creates an outlet for pent-up subterranean forces. Amazing new inventions will be born of this long-standing vibration and we may not even hear about it til a long time later.

Whenever these planets are triggered, the effect may be felt through the weather, transport, health related issues, or just about anything else which upsets regular routines. You may find that you have to do things in a new way or you are in an unusual environment and experiencing things you aren’t used to and wondering what will happen next.

The danger is you or someone else is impatient and makes a crazy decision and lives to regret the consequences. On the other hand, something which happens in a flash or something beyond our control can serve to clear the air and free things up.

Uranus rules the parasympathetic nervous system and a typical manifestation of this vibration is that we feel nervy about something, maybe about letting something go or being involved in a big change. But if you have learnt how to get on top of the tendency of the mind to rule the emotions, then you may simply be the impassive observer who integrates and moves on. Or maybe this vibration manifests in a way which disrupts others and you are there to facilitate and help.

Uranus effects are sudden. They will pass and may be no more than a storm in a teacup.

If you feel like it, do let me know how life treated you at the end of Sept/early October 2012.

5 thoughts on “Uranus: The Dorothy Planet”

  1. VirgoJack2 says:

    Diana, Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video. It was very helpful, and I’m a bit calmer about the coming Full Moon.

  2. susannahsun says:

    Cool! I already feel on the edge of my seat! i was panicking last weekend, but just recently felt calm and back on track emotionally. 🙂 I feel such a great opportunity happening for me! 😀 I am super excited! I’m even hearing about work opportunities from a company that hadn’t given me any paid work ever since i signed up with them! I am looking forward to seeing the happenings around the weekend, but i always feel things a bit earlier, so i guess above could be useful! 🙂 plus, my weekend and early next week is all full and i’m already all booked with activities! i am in the midst of finally being in the now moments and voicing myself to universe and adventuring life! it is an amazing life-changing time for me! i am consciously overcoming obstacles rooted from my childhood. 😀 the excitement of unknown fills me, but it’s weird because i feel like it’s as if i’m living according to my original plan, yet what is happening now was never ever something that i ever imagined would happen specifically!!!

  3. claudetteelizondo says:

    Your Aries moon 2012 video and Virgo October horoscope are very reassuring to me right now. So thank you very much for this. I just learned yesterday (9/28) that ‘my services are no longer needed’. This is especially upsetting because I did go through a very rough financial patch that finally ended about 7 months ago with this job. I am hoping that this is just a small and brief bump in the road that will lead to new beginnings and bigger and better things. There is a chance that they may keep me on but will not know until next week. If your videos are correct…it may be toward the end of next week. Beyond just hearing the shocking news…you were correct in saying that this is something that I saw coming slowly and it ‘suddently popped’ and surprised me. Also there was someone behind the scenes that could have been trying to sabotage me. However, I am making every effort to keep my head on straight. Rise above that and stay positive. I hope to report later in Oct. that I have a promotion in hand. 😉 Many thanks again and greetings from Mexico!

  4. salehasamar says:

    i don’t know what it is..but despite the fact that i’ve been on a look out for some ‘shock me up’ stuff..none had emerged so far…i have sun in aries and asc. in cancer, both cardinal but i’m still jumping around the floor all happy and relaxed…nothing bothersome in work, enemy, relation or house…surprising isn’t it:D

  5. heathervallance says:

    Curious time frame. The combination of events during the first week of October were odd to say the least…left a late night shift and came home with store mobile phone, by accident. A real mistake as it is the main outside link. The next morning, I discovered my error and had to drive one a half hours to return it as it was my day off and the store manager had to have that phone. Enroute, the car started making odd sounds – coming from the transmission. Left the phone at the store in due course, still heard the odd car sounds, but stopped to get petrol on the way home. Stood with the petrol hose putting petrol into the car and a woman from the kiosk got in her car and promptly rammed her car into gear and mashed my front bumper while I yelled for her to stop. The next day I took the car into the shop. Yep, blown transmission. No hint of a problem in any other car of the same make that I have driven which has been in excess of 500,000 km. The new transmission had to be ordered. On the day I took it in for repair, my water pump blew a few blocks from the shop. I also had my cat with me who had taken ill. The day I picked up the car, I also had a final review of my cat’s condition. Went to work. Two hours later, the vet called, my cat was terminal. Went back to the vet and put my cat down. What are the chances of such circumstances overlapping and coming at you in such force?