Sun is Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. It is a fixed Air sign. Aquarius sun-sign people are projecting their identity through that fixed Air sign in a form which is ideological, but which doesn’t want to feel fettered or tied down by mainstream society’s morays

The thing about Aquarius is that it values freedom very much; freedom of its personal self-expression, but also freedom for others. It’s a bit of a rebel; it’s the reformist of the zodiac; it’s the humanitarian of the zodiac.

Aquarians like to feel as though they are bringing something new and different – whether that’s a good thing which is going to be taken up by a lot of people and actually improve things in society, or whether it’s not, is for individuals to judge.

The dynamic behind Aquarius is “don’t cram me in”, and Aquarians love detachment. They like to stay in a mental, detached and lofty world, and to be the scientific observer of things. The down-side of Aquarius can be that they become too detached from their emotions, too detached from their physicality, and they don’t value it as much as they value the world of their minds. The down-side also of Aquarius is that it can be unpredictable and rather eccentric. People, friends and partners don’t know what they’re going to do next. Even though they can be unpredictable, they can actually still get into an unconventional, unpredictable rut, because it is a fixed sign after all is said and done.

In relationships, again, they are very stimulating on the intellectual level. They are often connected to academia, or have a great body of knowledge within their minds, and they can debate and explore a subject very thoroughly. They really do love to think.

In a relationship, however, they might begin to overlook the emotional implications. They can’t parley on the level of emotional reasoning; they see that as some kind of demand on them and they just don’t want to go there. But then underneath on the shadow-side of Aquarius there might be some kind of emotional reliance on you which they’re not actually admitting too.

The root of Aquarius is Uranus, and the colour of that would be in the metallic area – silvers and any of the colours with a metallic, almost electrical pulsing with it like neon, almost. Parts of the body with Aquarius are the ankles, which are the connecting joint between the leg and the foot.

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