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About Sagittarius - Characteristics, Traits, and Information - DianaGarland.com

Sun in Sagittarius energy is expansive. It’s a Fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius is the nomad, the teacher, the philosopher, the seeker and the truth sayer as well, and also I would add to that the seer. Because not only does Sagittarius rely very much on their eyes for seeing, but they also rely on the inner eye as well.

Sagittarius loves to learn through experience. They love to learn viscerally in this world through actually trying things out. It’s quite an athletic sign; it rules the hips and the thighs. Sagittarius needs to pump the muscles in the hips and the thighs, and that way when they’re walking or running or cycling or swimming or whatever, that way they can do their best pondering. Because actually Sagittarius does ponder the bigger questions of life. They do seek to have answers. They do seek to see the bigger in the smaller, or the smaller in the bigger.

The down-side of Sagittarius is that sometimes the Sagittarius personality is so idealistic and is so out there that they are almost not properly in their bodies. So actually Sagittarians can be quite clumsy, a little bit accident prone.

Another down-side of Sagittarians is that they want to speak with truth; they want to be honest all the time, and sometimes it’s inappropriate and they put their foot in their mouth – they don’t engage their brain before their mouths. They can hit people over the head with the truth. They need to time better, or be a little bit more diplomatic about getting up on their soap box with their favourite theme of the moment. They don’t reach out with their emotional feelers to feel how other people are taking this or how other people are feeling in this moment now.

In relationship, Sagittarians are very interesting, active people. They can adapt to all sorts of different situations, and they love exploring, and sharing their exploration with others, as well as seeking towards the deeper questions in life. They can be quite clownish as well, almost ironic, because they’ve learned a lot of stuff as they mature, and they see the ridiculousness of the way the world is.

In relationship it can be annoying the way they’re always wanting to get up and get out for exercise, or wanting to change the subject and go on to something else, or indeed wanting you to sit there and just listen to them spout off on their pet subject.

Overall, if they are with a partner who is equally as versatile and is interested in the world and change, adventure and exploration, and maybe becoming more spiritually rounded, becoming a more rounded, integrated person – because spirituality is very important to Sagittarius – then they are very, very good in relationship.

Sagittarius colour is purple and turquoise. It rules the hips and the thighs. It’s ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and learning through doing; it’s the learning through doing planet.

Sagittarians do best in any endeavour or career where they are able to feel as though they are learning and therefore rising in some way, growing and rising up the spiritual levels.

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367 thoughts on “About Sagittarius”

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