The sign Capricorn is a cardinal Earth sign, and when the sun is in Capricorn the expression of the identity comes through earthy phenomenon.

Capricorns are very good at taking on responsibilities in the material, physical sense. In order to express that they need their identity to take the burden on their shoulders in some way or another in this world, whether it is in a family kind of way – the providers, the protectors and the defenders – or out there on the wider stage in business, or in a professional sense.

So this need to develop the identity through these areas is important to the Capricorn. But the Capricorn identity is actually naturally cautious. They seem to understand the value of timing. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, Saturnus, Chronos, the ruler of time. And so the Capricorn is very good at following – patiently, tenaciously – a game plan. They’re very usually ambitious to achieve certain things, particularly in the younger years, and like the goat, they slowly make their way up the mountain – up the ladder of success, as it were.

The down-side of Capricorn is that they can be over-fearful, over-cautious, negative, pessimistic, seeing the worst that can happen, seeing the glass half-empty instead of half-full. Also holding in emotion, particularly letting it build up in the joints. Capricorn is related to the skeletal system, and the bones, the teeth, the hair and the nails. Pushing down emotion and not being open and not getting things off their chest.

In relationships they are very good providers. They are very good, reliable, stoical people who think practically about what’s needed in the relationship materially and physically. But they can be a little bit stuck in a rut, and they can be a little bit fearful to try new things.

Capricorn is the sign which can deal with organising the material world and getting on very well in the material world in methodical step-by-step kind of a way. They’re not known for flamboyance.

On the other hand, if other planets are in more flamboyant signs, then this is a very happy marriage, because we get that creative flamboyance married to that need for steady, slow, structured progress through life.

Their colours are the greys, the charcoals, the darker blues, the muted, darker colours. Their particular area of the body are the joints and the knees.

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