When the Sun is in Taurus then it is in a very earthy vibration. Taurus is a very sensual energy, it is plugged right in to Mother Nature, the fruits of the Earth.

The evolving consciousness with the Sun in Taurus is that of being a physical animal. It is to being connected with the senses through touch, taste, smell, hearing, seeing. Taurians really do delight in this area here. They like good food, like to dress in a way which is at the same time comfortable but also is attractive.

It’s quite a romantic sign as well. Particularly they love to have romantic encounters and love affairs, but not necessarily with other humans; that can be with something beautiful, something artistic, also particularly good food, beautiful interiors and lovely architecture, or with just something graceful and flowing about it. There’s this thing with Taurus that really appreciates houses, or different dwelling places that have got a certain something about the style.

The down-side with Taurus is that even though it has this steadfastness and calmness about it, there’s a kind of slow burn going on there where they actually do take on a lot more than it seems on the outside. A plank in their reason might give, and that’s when the Taurus bull lowers his horns, and is ready to charge. My advice would be to you to get out of the way!

Taurus is a fixed sign, so Taurians can actually with their anger hold that anger – fixed signs often do – and really dig their heels in and get very, very obstinate.

Taurus is a possessive sign. They are aware of their need to have and to hold, whether that is with external material phenomenon – large properties, small possessions – or whether in relationships – “this is *my* family”, “this is *my* spouse”, “this is *my* friend” – so there is this strong need to hold a space, a territory, ideas, and sort of feel as though you’re in control of that. And that does actually underpin a Taurian sense of security.

In relationship, here is this sense that they’re somehow or other the owner in this relationship. That without the relationship or without what the relationship has generated materially then they are demeaned, they are lessened, they are decreased in some way.

On the other hand, Taurus is a very, very loyal sign. It’s a sign that is reliable, stoical, calming. That’s the thing about Taurians. They’re very calming, and they have a wonderful aesthetic sense.

Taurus rules the throat, the thyroid gland, the vocal chords; Taurians often have very beautiful voices. Their colour tends to be in the blue area, which is the colour of the throat, or of the throat chakra.

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