If the sign Aquarius was rising over the Eastern horizon when you were born that means you have an Aquarian ascendant.

Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign. It has a drive outwards into the world through the intellect, and so no matter where the Sun and the Moon are – they might be in in-drawing introspective signs like Water or Earth – through that Aquarian dynamic there has to be some kind of way of reaching out into the world through the mind, principles, or beliefs, with Aquarius rising.

Interestingly, because Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which rules electricity, there is something quite sparky, or electrical, or scintillating about the Aquarius rising persona. There’s something about the appearance which has this kind of electrical dynamism with it, where it’s a little bit unpredictable.

The down-side might be that unpredictability; it might be that Aquarius rising is just a little bit too eccentric, too quirky; they like to dress in their own unique way. Aquarius rules reformists and revolutionaries, so there might be something a little bit revolutionary about the person’s outward expression of themselves into the world.

In relationship, on the Ascendant/Descendant axis, they’re archetypally connected with Leo, and that’s the Sun. Leo is about creativity, and Aquarius is about innovation. The typical Aquarian symbol might be the Wizard, or the Alchemist.

So in relationship they need to get out of that mind energy, maybe, and partake a little bit more of that playful Sun energy of their opposite sign. They don’t have to be connected with the opposite sign, Leo, strictly speaking, but just somebody who’s got a very strong Sun energy would be maybe the ideal for an Aquarius rising person, and the Sun energy is more about presence of the Inner Child.

The parts of the body ruled by Aquarius are the ankles, but also the parasympathetic nervous system. Sometimes there are accidents or issues to do with those, and sometimes absolutely nothing at all.

Aquarius rising is a very intriguing, very sparky and interesting rising sign to have.