If the sign Aries was rising over the eastern horizon when you were born, then you will have an Aries Ascendant. Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars. It has an immediacy and an outward thrust with it. It is a dynamic energy which is on the “front door” of your chart.

No matter how soft and gentle and introspective your planets might be, with this “red front door” Aries, you will be externalizing that energy out in to the world in a way which has got this power with it.

The actual appearance of an Aries rising person (which rules the head) might be that the features are very strongly and clearly etched, whether in the male or the female. The Aries rising person’s head tends to be slightly thrust forward, as though they’re just on their way to do something. They haven’t got the time, they’re on their way somewhere – there’s this feeling of urgency with Aries rising.

They’re definitely able to be decisive, motivating, getting things done, rolling up their sleeves, getting out there physically and actively, doing the work, or doing the sport.

The downside might be that in their urgency, impatience, and hastiness to move forward and get on in a strong way they run rough-shod over others. They don’t notice really – it’s almost like a blind side, because Aries is quite a self contained, independent energy.

In relationship they’re on the Ascendant-Descendant axis with their opposite Libra – their soft underbelly – which is a very different kettle of fish. Libra is diplomatic, always looking for the win-win, the compromise, the way around, and totally different to Aries. It’s really quite a stark contrast, however this is the other side of Aries, so Aries does like relationship, and partnership like Libra does. Aries just has to learn its lessons on how to not be so abrupt, so in your face. It needs to learn the lessons of persuasion, and calmness, and diplomacy. The two together make one whole.

The rulership of Aries is Mars, so they can tend to be accident prone, because they’re kind of in a bit of a rush, and Mars rules accidents. Aries does rule the head; Aries rising people can sometimes have problems with the head, like headaches, or maybe something to with the teeth, or the hearing, or the eyes at some time in their lives.

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