Aries is a Fire sign, so when you get the Moon in Aries, this person has an automatic need to seek action, to take action on things, to not just be sitting, twiddling their thumbs, theorizing about it or thinking about it, but to stand up and actually to move.

So the emotional need with the Moon in Aries is to achieve things through taking action.

The down-side is hastiness. Mars being the ruler of Aries, Moon in Aries means that the person is precipitate, the person moves too fast, the person doesn’t think something through before they leap in on all cylinders firing. They can be too abrupt for others, they can be too speedy for others, too impatient for others.

In relationships the Moon in Aries is a very independent, individualistic sign. It has an automatic response to life where it begins to take action in response to phenomenon coming at it, even before consulting with others around it. It already has mapped out instantaneously what it’s going to do, and so sometimes the Moon Aries people need to learn how to compromise, need to learn how to ask others how they see things and how they feel about things.

At home, the Moon in Aries person is always the one that is the centre of the action, always the one who would like to be the one who is getting the ball rolling on things, taking the next step, making the decisions, initiating things.

Also in relationships, Moon in Aries people are very much the motivators, the igniters of enthusiasm, the entrepreneurial energy, and they are the ones that boost others, get others going on a project, or just get people feeling more creative about themselves and some sort of activity. It helps people to get started with something, helps others get started with something, as Moon in Aries people are always about the ignition – they’re the spark in the engine.

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