Taurus is an Earth sign and therefore when the Moon is in Taurus in the natal chart, the emotional need would be towards security.

Earth signs need to feel Earth, they need to feel that they are secure and connecting with material, physical reality, so Moon in Taurus needs to feel that security.

Because Moon-Taurus tend to be tactile there’s an emotional need to connect with materiality in a physical, material way.

The down-side of the Moon in Taurus is – being a Fixed Earth sign – Moon-Taurus people can get very obstinate and really dig their heels in, and in fact are known to lower their horns at the same time in a defensive kind of way if they feel their security threatened, whether that is physical territorial security, or an inner emotional security. Because what the dynamic is about is finding their security and then consolidating it. They don’t like change very much.

In relationship, Moon in Taurus can be very romantic. They love beauty. Often Moon Taurus people are involved in a craft or an art of some kind or another. They just have an aesthetic sensitivity. So in relationship there needs to be – as far as beauty is in the eye of the beholder – something beautiful and romantic. They put the whole relationship in a kind of beautiful sort of halo, rose tinted. It has to be romantic, it has to be candle lit, it has to be music.

At home the Taurian Moon person needs their territory, needs to feel that it’s their own, that they’re safe there, and they’re very possessive so hands off, do not invade or infringe a Taurian Moon’s property in any way. Do that at your peril!

Moon-Taurus though has great loyalty, great steadfastness, great reliability, and that’s probably – apart from their ability with art and anything to do with the natural world – that’s probably their greatest asset.

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