If you have Cancer on the Ascendant, there is this persona and appearance which can be – as Cancer is ruled by the moon – sort of moon-faced. There’s something round and quite reflective about a Cancer rising person’s face, sometimes. There definitely is that quality of reflectiveness. Always bouncing back, being very receptive, but then bouncing back to another and reflecting back to another.

Cancer rising is a Water sign; it’s a more reserved, in-drawing energy; it’s not all beating the drum and very extrovert; it’s more of an introverted sort of sign. It has a connection with the cycles of the Moon, like the Sun sign.

So Cancer rising people may find that they have ups and downs in their moods. No matter where the Sun and the Moon are in the chart, they may find that they have ups and downs with their moods, which maybe is a down-side, but Cancer rising people just have to understand that there is this wave going on with them.

The down-side with Cancer rising people can be an over-receptiveness, or indeed over-sensitivity, and taking things into themselves very deeply, and then putting a shield up.

The rising sign is about an outer expression of the inner dynamic, so it will change very much according to where the inner dynamic is; where the Sun and Moon are, how that’s reflected out, how that’s expressed outwards in to the world.

In relationship, the archetypal relationship for Cancer is Capricorn, another Cardinal sign, a Cardinal Earth sign. Cancer rising people do get on best with people who are quite earthed and practical. They don’t have to be Capricorns but they might have a strong Saturn there, a strong practical slant to things, because the Cancer rising person needs to feel that security and that stability.

Cancer, as I say, is ruled by the Moon, and the parts of the body that Cancer rising rules in women are the breasts and the womb, the generative, nurturing parts, because Cancer rising loves to nurture. Often Cancer rising people have a garden or a pet, or children, or just something that they love to nurture. So it does partake very much of the Sun sign, but more on the outer expression of themselves.

So their inner-selves, depending on where the Sun and the Moon are – particularly the moon – will underpin that Cancer rising exterior.

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