Gemini Horsocope for August 2015 and Today

Diana's Monthly Gemini Forecast for August 2015

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Until the 23rd the Sun is in a sociable, busy area and you could be meeting and greeting or connecting over the wires, corresponding, maybe sharing what you know or sourcing useful information, and probably running around more. It’s a time when you have more on your mind and maybe more to get your head around.


Until the 8th Mercury is in a very outgoing, chatty area of your Solar chart but it’s also to do with education, exchanging information, media etc.  Increased interchanges through speaking and writing are more likely, and possibly more paper-work. Overall, it tends to be a great time for making connections, learning and sharing new stuff, in person or over the wires.

8th-28th the mental focus could revolve around family, extended family, neighbours, or property matters. Correspondence and discussions may be about a physical space inside/outside, or points on the map. You may be mulling things over or feeling more emotional or nostalgic. There may be communications with relations or parents for some of you and others may be considering a legacy or a tradition of some kind. Whatever is going on feelings tend to be nearer the surface and certain interchanges may touch a nerve. Either way it tends to be a mentally busy or social time in, around or about a base of operations – wherever that is – or you may be on the move more.

From the 28th Mercury is in a more innovative sector of your Solar chart. Now you enjoy playing with ideas and speculating, maybe a little wildly, on this or that or the other possibility. But, whatever you are doing, there may be more laughs or distractions along the way. Your creative juices are flowing and you are more articulate which may help with beating the drum on something. Also, there’s likely to be increased communications either with or about young ones, lovers or pets. Also, you could be more romantically expressive or creatively inspired at this time.

Apart from July 19th-August 1st when she encourages a more harmonious environment, Venus will be in a very sociable sector of your solar chart.  She can help you to be articulate in your expression and tends to deliver environments or daily encounters which are more appealing or entertaining, even exotic. Some of you could be in exchanges with others who appreciate your self-expression or there may be more interesting daily encounters or more access to the arts. Media is favoured as is anything artistic. This transit could bring warm, supportive relations with siblings or soul brothers and sisters. You also can do better when buying/selling/promoting etc and if you want to settle a feud or negotiate for something, then you can be very persuasive.    


Until the 9th Mars is demanding you put more effort and decisiveness into getting organized in a physical or security-orientated sense. The piggy-bank, possessions or any other bit of territory may need a more motivated and decisive approach. And that may mean a more dynamic application of talents and skills. You could be striving to get your hands on certain things or places, but watch your step related to basic material security, money, property or possessions as Mars can be demanding, impulsive or too hasty at times. Your physical strength may be stretched or there may be tensions as you try to work through what needs to be done in a physical/material/financial sense. You may be more actively engaged in diet or health matters – your own or someone else’s.


From the 9th Mars is in a transit of your Solar communications sector accelerating mental processes and firing up the way you express yourself. Educational pursuits, speaking, writing or socializing can be demanding or competitive at times and you express ideas and opinions with greater force and dynamism which may take others aback. Comings and goings may increase or you find yourself more in the stream of information exchange and this would be a good time to float a new concept or body of work. However, there may be tensions and you can feel overloaded with too much information coming at you or demanded from you. Sometimes, it could feel that certain others are too impatient or over-assertive but, your own reactions may be too defensive. It’s better to be measured and decisive in what you say, keeping lines of communication open rather than wasting energy wondering about someone’s deeper motives.

In general, there could be more correspondence or other types of paperwork than usual and flying hither and thither for business or personal reasons. Overall, you should start to feel more confident about making decisions or defining certain objectives more clearly. You can be proactive and successful with media, promotions, negotiations or simply speaking up for yourself in a more assertive way.


From the 23rd your attention could centre around a base of operations, community or family or extended family. Property matters – buying/selling/home improvements may be a feature or it may be about a debts or loans. In some respects your gaze will tend to be more inwards and you may be pondering more, or feeling things more deeply. Listen to your instincts!


Saturn has returned to her previous position in your area of the job, health matters and all manner of practical tasks. This is a service-orientated area of your Solar chart. But it’s also the stitch-in-time-saves-nine part too. Keeping ahead of the game with the practical side of chores and health matters would be smart. Anything health and fitness related will take time to resolve itself so, be patient! Generally it means harder work and more assistance to others on a regular basis or keeping things ticking over with general maintenance and repairs and that includes the body too. Also it could be a time for plugging away at learning practical skills, and generally applying yourself in useful ways.  Service providers, co-workers or even certain equipment or techniques may present obstacles or cramp your style at times. These challenges make you savvy and push you into wiser choices in the future. Saturn will be here until September. Geminians born 18th-22nd June or with from 27 degrees rising will feel the energy the most this forecast period.


Until the 11th Jupiterian expansiveness will tend to support a more outgoing, upbeat, positive frame of mind. You may be on a learning curve developing yourself though education, speaking, writing or other forms of creative expression. There could be more exchanges which are positive, revealing or there are more comings and goings to and from a locality. New concepts, jargons and connections will be carved into your mental landscape between now and August.


From the 11th Jupiter is in your home area highlighting expansion related to your place on the map, neighbourhood, a space inside or outside. Also this transit helps settle you emotionally and can create a sense of belonging and feeling more inwardly balanced. Outwardly, family and community relationships should improve and some of you will extend or make additions to your base of operations. If you feel cramped or restless where you are located, then, in general, it’s a good time for expanding the existing space or getting more access to somewhere you prefer, maybe abroad, or relocating altogether. 

For some there will be a newcomer in the family or maybe you are accommodating others more often at home. Early Geminians or Gemini rising or those born from 18th June or with from 27 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this forecast period.      

During the long transit of Neptune through your career area remember to respect and honour your own goals in life and integrate the practice of higher service as often as you are able and in whatever supportive ways you can.

It is more likely that you become more the facilitator for others to lean upon and, in order to enable them, you may sacrifice your own style or expectation, but, as long as you have separated the needy from the greedy, and maintained strong boundaries for yourself, this more service-orientated way of working will be rewarding. This transit favours imaginative art, good causes, healing and spirituality.

Geminians born 28th May-6th June or with 7-10 degrees rising will feel the energy the most this month.

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What today looks like:

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Beginning today, and ending on Saturday, the Moon is collaborating with the planet Venus. The Moon sitting in the sign of Gemini might mean a chatty, communicative desire in your area of self image, first impressions, and general outlook. It might be good to talk about starting something new, or start a short journey, while this harmonious, natural connection continues.

As well: continuing today, and concluding on the 17th, the planet Mercury is partnering with Saturn. Mercury sitting in the sign of Libra might mean a socialable, balanced curiosity in your area of leisure activities, fun, and unwinding. It might be good to relax with your partner, or play a one-on-one game, while this easy, oppertunistic link continues.

Also today: continuing today, and finishing on the 12th, Mars is battling with Neptune. Your area of family, home-life, and instincts is filled with a detail-oriented, careful action by Mars in Virgo. While this contradictory, trying connection continues, it may be a struggle to nurture your career, or to look after an authority figure.

Also On This Day:

  • The planet Pluto carries on a square aspect with our Sun today, which concludes on the 10th.
  • Uranus carries on a sextile aspect with our Moon today, which continues until Saturday.
  • A conjunction between Jupiter and the planet Mars continues today, and concludes on the 4th of November.

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Diana's 2015 Gemini Forecast:

MERCURY RETROGRADES 3 times for approx 3 weeks each in 2015:

First retrograde on Jan 21st – February 11th – Aquarius 17-1 degrees

Second retrograde on 18th May – 11th June – Gemini 13-4 degrees

Third retrograde on 17th Sept – 9th October – Libra 15-0 degrees


The first Solar eclipse of the year occurs on March 20th in your 10th/11th house.

This eclipse covering the next 6 months, could trigger the Mercury/Neptune vibe in early Pisces. Just make sure you don’t get the wrong end of the stick because a communication was unclear or you confuse someone with your lack of clarity.

New beginnings with your worldly responsibilities and the ball rolling with things which you have waited to do for a long time.

The second Solar eclipse of the year occurs on Sept 13th in your 4th house

A time of fresh starts through family, property logistics, neighbours or community matters.

When Uranus/Pluto are closest until mid-April, it will manifest important events which trigger yet another series of choices as the mass consciousness shifts from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age.

Jupiter is in Leo until August 11th

This will be a cycle of developing yourself through communications, education or creative self-expression. In person or over the wires, you can benefit through networking, exchanging information and improving your communication style through any media and people skills. This is right up your street Gemini. If you are ready to seize fresh opportunities and learn new things, you begin to see a range of happier options unfolding before you as Jupiterian expansiveness influences you into a more outgoing, positive frame of mind but Saturn will keep you realistic about what’s doable in practical terms. There could be more comings and goings within the locality, or social life could become a busy hub of mental activity and a learning resource as well. You can develop people skills, learn a new language or jargon, visit unfamiliar places or mix with a culture or a mind-set different to what you are used to. New pathways will be carved into your mental landscape. And this is a good period for connecting with creative thinking and expressing yourself freely through different media maybe channelling your thoughts and intuitions and getting the bigger picture as your mental map expands.

Geminians born from mid-June or with from 23 degrees rising will feel the energy of Jupiter in Leo the most.

Jupiter transits into Virgo on August 11th Jupiter in your home area inclines your life to expand through location, property, family connections and will also tend to cultivate more of a sense of belonging and inner balance. Maybe you will move, make home improvements or have access to somewhere you prefer. Perhaps changes are happening which expand the home-base or family or visitors are increasing and opening you up to fresh experiences of various kinds. Or maybe there is more contact with long-distance locations or a different culture.

In general, your comfort zone, family or community relationships should benefit. Your base of operations may change, and you could do well with a property exchange. Or you could be connecting with fresh influences near home or from home which are educational but also the world of others in your vicinity could expand as they learn from you and your experiences.

Geminians born up to mid-June or with up to 24 degrees rising will feel the Jupiter in Virgo vibration the most in 2015.

Venus will be in Leo from June 6th – Oct 9th which may be good news for you Gemini as the potential abundance of Venus will be in a long transit through your communications area. Make hay while the sun shines through creative self-expression, social life, media, education, negotiations and travel. Relationships with siblings and soul brothers and sisters will also benefit from Venus’s positive influence.

From Xmas Eve, until June 6th, Saturn is in your opposite sign, Sagittarius

You are completing a process which began around 14 years ago when you were redefining yourself and your world. Now, that sense of self is being tested and it will be a time of weighing in the balance which alliances are worth the greater effort now demanded from you.

So, this is a cycle of having to work harder at balancing your needs and requirements with those of others in close relationship, and, along the road, you may feel frustrated and limited by more responsibility for them – which may not be their fault – or narrow-mindedness which probably is their fault. Collaboration or cultivating others will have to be done gradually and will probably be harder work. Hidden stresses in the fabric of a relationship are more likely to be exposed and in some cases you won’t be inclined to paper over the cracks anymore and decide to move on. Another way this works is that you find someone you admire/look up to and wish to cultivate them as they can facilitate your ambitions….or…you decide to take the plunge in a love relationship and put it on a formal footing with all the organizing and forward planning that demands.

Yet another manifestation of this transit is you feel lonely, crushed, misunderstood either within a current close relationship, or you are bothered by the lack of anyone special in your life. The underlying message here is to restructure close relationships and accept a new framework. Conditions will arise which force you to confront your own flaws and weaknesses and scrutinize the way you habitually handle yourself in close relationships – are you underselling yourself? Or are you too controlling or too insecure? What are the expectations between you, the agreements, the underlying moral obligations? And ask yourself whether you and the relationship are still going in the same direction. Its Saturn’s job to ‘stress-test’ and show us the cracks wherever she goes in our chart and the fundamental test of this transit is to strive to meet your responsibilities in close personal or professional relationships as best you can, but, above all, honour yourself.

If you are old enough look back 29/30 years or 14/15 years when the decisions you made then may have a bearing on what is happening now. Geminians born up to mid first week or with up to 13 degrees rising will feel this vibration the most over 2015.

Saturn returns to Scorpio on June 15th and will stay til September 17th when she re- enters your opposite sign.

Saturn in Scorpio is in mutual reception with Pluto which intensifies but also harmonizes their forces to a degree. Saturn in Scorpio indicates extreme caution and slow progress in the banking sector worldwide and the power mongers exerting tighter control not only over money but over other basic resources, governments and playing on the sympathies of the population. At the same time there is likely to be previously hidden facts brought to light which, after the muddy waters have cleared, regenerate those areas concerned.

From Oct 6th 2012 Saturn began to manifest a tougher work schedule with some knotty details becoming a bit of a challenge. Or, for some, there will be more need to take health and fitness more seriously – yours or others. This is the ‘stitch in time saves nine’ position of Saturn so it’s advisable to take practical steps despite the off-putting difficulties.

Generally it means harder work and more service to others on a regular basis and keeping things ticking over nicely with daily duties, maintenance and repairs. You will take work-methods, co-workers, medicos, therapists or service-providers more seriously now. Any of these may feel annoying or frustrate you because they are late or not there, or not to the standard you would like. It will be through them that you meet the tests of Saturn. Having said that…with determination you are likely to find someone really reliable with whom you can work in a gradual, step by step manner.

A great time for learning practical skills and applying yourself in useful ways so as to get useful results. Geminians born from 17th June onwards or with from 27 degrees rising will feel this vibration the most over 2015.

Uranus is in a positive and opportunistic angle to your Sun sign and will happily be transiting its own house until 2019. Uranus is in a sociable area related to collaborations, group gatherings and the collective consciousness locally,or over the wires. So it‘s likely you‘ll be hanging making friends with those who are unconventional or reformist or technological. Through a group or a friend with advanced knowledge your interests are changing. Fresh, even, ground-breaking influences may inspire you to think along very interesting and unusual lines. This is a very progressive part of your Solar chart and it could mean that hopes and dreams left on the shelf a long time ago will start to be realized.

This is also an innovative, alternative vibration which means you could discover approaches which are not mainstream, techno or just unfamiliar. This vibration also favours anything innovative through IT, sustainable energy, or other areas which put you at the leading edge. A previous structure may be replaced through new contacts and you’ll have to adapt to a sometimes surprising but interesting environment which accelerates the speed at which things happen – probably in short bursts.

Early Geminians will feel this vibration most strongly, born from 4th-14th June or with between

11-21 degrees rising.

For many years Neptune has been making its influence felt in the area of how you escape from the usual box. This is where you may have been most illogical or starry-eyed about exotic foreigners, education or a faraway place. Neptune has completed its transit of this area.

In Neptune’s new manifestation, it may mean you have to lay aside your own desires and make yourself available in a more selfless or nurturing way because it serves or promotes the good of others. But it’s not all sacrifice because this transit will be great for those involved in things like medicine, boating, hospitality, healing, spirituality, charities, catering and anything which serves a higher purpose or a common good. This vibration will also support you artistic Geminians and may spur you to greater achievements through flights of imagination. But sometimes you’ll realize you didn’t think things through clearly and you missed important details, or, you were being too materialistic in your thinking. And, when it comes to acclaim and a true valuing of your contribution, with Neptune here, it can sometimes mean you become ‘invisible’ and you may feel overlooked or unappreciated or perhaps misconstrued by others if you are stuck in your ego.

Geminians born 27th May- 4th June or with 4-11 degrees rising will feel this vibration the most in 2015.

The life-changing force of Pluto, now in Capricorn, means regeneration from deep levels over the next decade. There will be a letting go of the old scenarios which could relate to property, money or other resources you share or have shared with another. The old order is crumbling and the decks are clearing for a new dawn in material ways or with deep heart connections. You will be learning how to pick up the most valuable pieces from the past and move them into the future, rising, phoenix-like from the ashes. Some of you may feel more drawn to the mystical, hidden, spiritual side of life. Some will become more interested in psychology. And for others, this transit will mean an inheritance of some kind or when you can ‘cash in’ on assets or previous savings. It can also mean occasional power struggles or turbulence related to assets, inheritance and your own true allegiances. Pluto’s position is a little demanding at times on the emotional level but by doing inner work and letting go of an old order, you can be reborn and, along with Uranus, make progress with something you’ve wanted to achieve for a very long time. Geminians born 4th-9th June or with 11-16 degrees rising.

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