Gemini Horsocope for August 2016 and Today

Diana's Monthly Gemini Forecast for August 2016

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Until the 23rd the Sun is in a sociable, busy area and you could be meeting and greeting or connecting over the wires, corresponding, maybe sharing what you know or sourcing useful information, and probably running around more. It’s a time when you have more on your mind and maybe more to get your head around.


The mental focus could revolve around family, extended family, neighbours, or property matters. Correspondence and discussions may be about a physical space inside/outside, or points on the map. You may be mulling things over or feeling more emotional or nostalgic. There may be communications with relations or parents for some of you and others may be considering a legacy or a tradition of some kind. Whatever is going on feelings tend to be nearer the surface and certain interchanges may touch a nerve. Either way it tends to be a mentally busy or social time in, around or about a base of operations – wherever that is – or you may be on the move more.


Until the 6th Venus is in a very sociable sector of your solar chart.  She can help you to be articulate in your expression and tends to deliver environments or daily encounters which are more appealing or entertaining, even exotic. Some of you could be in exchanges with others who appreciate your self-expression or there may be more interesting daily encounters or more access to the arts. Media is favoured as is anything artistic. This transit could bring warm, supportive relations with siblings or soul brothers and sisters. You also can do better when buying/selling/promoting etc and if you want to settle a feud or negotiate for something, then you can be very persuasive.    


From the 6th Venus beams a friendly, sociable light into the root of your chart.  This can manifest in various ways. Overall, it encourages a more harmonious time at home and you welcome others into your space or are more the visitor to others. Or, it could be a venue where you all meet up. It could be a good time to appreciate family or tribal connections, or maybe you like where you are located. You may feel the urge to beautify your surroundings or make more of your space inside or outside. With Jupiter in the mix this could be a fortunate time for property matters or relocation as long as other aspects are favourable.


From the 3rd Mars in your opposite sign means personal or professional exchanges are likely to be more dynamic and lively. Because of another, there may be more physical demands put upon you to be decisive or to take action. You and someone could elicit strong opinions in each-other or, conversely, maybe you feel a strong pull towards someone or they feel a strong pull towards you. Once again patience may be needed as Mars here can make you too hasty, handle someone badly, throw caution to the winds, or make a false start. So the advice would be to try to keep things on an even keel and don’t dive in head first at full revs with all guns blazing before you are sure of your ground.


From the 23rd your attention could centre around a base of operations, community or family matters or extended family. Property matters – buying/selling/home improvements may features, or it may be about the past in the present or sharing. In some respects your gaze will tend to be more inwards and you may be pondering more, or feeling things more deeply. Listen to your instincts!


The long-term position of Saturn in your opposite sign, Sagittarius, is ultimately constructive for your sign but may manifest as you having to take on more responsibilities because of close associations. Also possible is you having to work harder at balancing your point of view with that of a partner or opposite number. At times you will be keenly aware of a lack in this department and strive for improvement. At other’s you will feel frustrated by another’s demands or behaviour which you feel inhibits your own or clashes with your will.  Compromise, collaboration or cultivating certain relationships will have to be done gradually and will probably be harder work as you are learning to overcome your own prejudices or historical expectations. In some cases this can be a make or break aspect. If it is a break-up then give thanks for what you have learned and shared and try to move on without carrying guilt or blame. If it is ‘making’ the relationship then you will step into more commitment towards another or what they bring to your door. Some of you will wish to formalize a relationship at this stage or reinforce and strengthen previous commitments.

Geminians born 29th May-1st June or with 9-11 degrees rising will feel the energy the most this forecast period. (The current Saturn/Neptune transit brings uncertainty into this area and harder work to clarify things and get organized so as to go forward in a confident manner. You may be questioning your purpose and your identity in the wider world. Or maybe you are questioning establishment figures, parents or the status quo. You may feel so defined by what you do that your ego is stopping you from changing to something which emphasizes the selfless service and assistance you can give as well. Or, again, it may be a disillusionment with how the ‘powers that be’ are more concerned with their own interests than being a support to those they claim to serve. Now you must find a path which allows you to contribute in your own unique way a way which is supportive and serves, but to remain true to your own path and your own direction).


Jupiter is at the root of your chart until September, highlighting expansion related to your place on the map, neighbourhood or a space inside or outside. Also this transit helps settle you emotionally and can create a sense of belonging and feeling more inner equilibrium. Outwardly, family and community relationships should improve and some of you will extend or make additions to your base of operations. If you feel cramped or restless where you are located, then, in general, it’s a good time for expanding the existing space or getting more access to somewhere you prefer, maybe abroad, or relocating altogether. 

For some there will be a newcomer in the family or maybe you are accommodating others more often at home and need to rearrange the space. Whatever the reasons behind it this is a good time to make changes. Geminians born from 11th-20th June or with 21-29 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this month.


During the long transit of Neptune through your career area remember to respect and honour your own goals in life but you must integrate the practice of higher service as often as you are able and in whatever supportive ways you can.

It is more likely that you become a facilitator or play a supportive role and, in order to enable another, you may sacrifice your own ideal choices, but, that doesn’t mean you should take on too much or let others tread on the boundaries you need to maintain for yourself. This more service-orientated way of working can be rewarding. This transit also favours imaginative art, good causes, healing, spirituality and just about any activity you contribute not for purely commercial reasons. Geminians born 29th May- 2nd June or with 9-12 degrees rising will feel the energy the most this month.

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Beginning today, and ending on Friday, your personal appearance area is tussling with your family sector, as the Moon is clashing with Venus. Your area of home-life, instincts, and family is being supplied with an aesthetic which is careful, and practical by Venus in Virgo. It might be difficult to nurture something new, or start something in your family, while this awkward clash continues.

Elsewhere: continuing today, and concluding on the 8th, the planet Mars and the planet Saturn are combining in Sagittarius. Your area of partnerships, close relationships, and contracts is provided with an enthusiastic, sensible activity, during this powerful connection. In close relationships, now might be a good time to be realistic about your career.

Also On This Day:

  • A sextile aspect between Uranus and the Moon begins today, and continues until Friday.
  • Venus continues a conjunction with Mercury today, which continues until the 3rd.
  • The Moon carries on transiting Gemini until Friday.
  • Neptune carries on a square aspect with Mars today, which ends on the 1st.

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