Gemini Horsocope for October 2016 and Today

Diana's Monthly Gemini Forecast for October 2016

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Until the 23rd there’s a brighter, less inward, vibration around. So that could manifest as more opportunities to be in environments with scope for play or creativity or empowering activities. Or to be more involved with those out to have a good time whether as a participant or a facilitator. More emphasis is given to children, youngsters or romantic partners for some, and for others, there could be more socializing and maybe more contact with arts/entertainments or the leisure industry. You are more likely to feel the light of appreciation from others or be participating in activities you find fun or personally empowering.


Until the 7th Mercury is in a more innovative sector of your Solar chart. Now you enjoy playing with ideas and speculating, maybe a little wildly, on this or that or the other possibility. But, whatever you are doing, there may be more laughs or distractions along the way. Your creative juices are flowing and you are more articulate which may help with beating the drum on something. There’s likely to be increased communications either with or about young people, lovers or pets. Also, you could be more romantically expressive or creatively inspired at this time.

(Mercury and Jupiter at the beginning of the second week means it is easier to get the bigger picture or be more upbeat in your thinking).

(Sun over Pluto at the end of the second week could indicate intensity or a clash of wills/a letting go necessary before moving forward).


From the 7th Mercury is focusing your mind upon the practical aspects of life. Thoughts could revolve around, repairs, maintenance, or health – yours or another’s.  Thinking about the mechanics of how something might work best will be a keynote. Also you could be learning useful new skills or blowing the dust off those you already have – either out of choice or necessity. Practical advice received will be of service.

(MID MONTH there could be some surprises with Sun on the degree of Uranus).


Until the 18th Venus is in a more practical mood, favourably highlighting teamwork regarding daily chores, learning skills (or maybe which button to push), running repairs or health matters – your own or another’s. Others will probably be in a co-operative, more supportive frame of mind assisting with your requirements.  You are more likely to have reasonable interaction with health-providers, co-workers and anyone providing assistance and so if there has been an ongoing problem chances are you will find someone to help with recovery or repair and, even if the problem is not resolved, the interaction will tend to be pleasant.


From the 18th when Venus is strong in her favourite place and affairs of the heart are favoured. You and someone could be feeling a closer rapport, no matter whether it’s a personal or professional association. A special someone could come into your life and some of you could be tying the knot. But all types of relationship, personal, or professional tend to flow more easily. You and another could be enjoying eachother’s company or simply lending eachother a hand.

(In the last 3 days Venus on Saturn means more restraint or a more formal feeling in how you are relating).


Mars is in the sector of your solar chart which clears the decks for new beginnings. So that may mean a de-clutter, or some kind of re-set is in the pipe-line. Or maybe ditching an ailing, stale or chronic situation thus clearing the decks for new beginnings . Whether it’s a re-think, a de-tox or a Spring Clean, this Mars position emphasizes something shared, or over which you do not have sole control. Then a shift, a transition as emotions or intuition drive a change. You could be more sensitive to feelings or needs of others and you may have to bite your tongue or be more confidential or strategic in your actions. For some Mars here may mean an intense or sizzley interchange with someone special.

(In the 3rd week Mars on Pluto could lead to extremism or over the top expectations from or to you. However, difficult things can be achieved and ambitions can be successful as long as you are aware of another’s interests as well as your own).

From the 23rd you may be dealing with more chores or niggly details, or, this may also be the moment to get to grips with health issues (yours or another’s) or a better diet and exercise regime. You may also be putting more effort into maintenance, repairs, or using skills. So, dealing with the ‘to do’ list and getting things organized better seems advisable, but there will be smiles along the way.


The long-term position of Saturn in your opposite sign, Sagittarius, is ultimately constructive for your sign but may manifest as you having to take on more responsibilities because of close associations. Also possible is you having to work harder at balancing your point of view with that of a partner or opposite number. At times you will be keenly aware of a lack in this department and strive for improvement. At other’s you will feel frustrated by another’s demands or behaviour which you feel inhibits your own or clashes with your will.  Compromise, collaboration or cultivating certain relationships will have to be done gradually and will probably be harder work as you are learning to overcome your own prejudices or historical expectations. In some cases this can be a make or break aspect. If it is a break-up then give thanks for what you have learned and shared and try to move on without carrying guilt or blame. If it is ‘making’ the relationship then you will step into more commitment towards another or what they bring to your door. Some of you will wish to formalize a relationship at this stage or reinforce and strengthen previous commitments.

Geminians born 30h May-6th June or with 10-16 degrees rising will feel the energy the most this forecast period. (The current Saturn/Neptune transit brings uncertainty into this area and harder work to clarify things and get organized so as to go forward in a confident manner. You may be questioning your purpose and your identity in the wider world. Or maybe you are questioning establishment figures, parents or the status quo. You may feel so defined by what you do that your ego is stopping you from changing to something which emphasizes the selfless service and assistance you can give as well. Or, again, it may be a disillusionment with how the ‘powers that be’ are more concerned with their own interests than being a support to those they claim to serve. Now you must find a path which allows you to contribute in your own unique way a way which is supportive and serves, but to remain true to your own path and your own direction).


Jupiter, planet of potential abundance and growth will very positively influence your Sun sign until Oct 2017. This is a time when you may be appreciated more for yourself in a playful or romantic sense. At times it will encourage a more spontaneous, even self-indulgent, energy as you feel more the centre of attention. There may be admiring glances coming your way or you may be in the mood to take a risk or a gamble. You may grow through accessing creative or leisure activities which empower you and you shine in your own unique way. Children, animals and leisure or entertainment activities will be emphasized.

Geminians born 23rd May-1st June or with 3-12 degrees rising.


During the long transit of Neptune through your career area remember to respect and honour your own goals in life but you must integrate the practice of higher service as often as you are able and in whatever supportive ways you can.

It is more likely that you become a facilitator or play a supportive role and, in order to enable another, you may sacrifice your own ideal choices, but, that doesn’t mean you should take on too much or let others tread on the boundaries you need to maintain for yourself. This more service-orientated way of working can be rewarding. This transit also favours imaginative art, good causes, healing, spirituality and just about any activity you contribute not for purely commercial reasons. Geminians born 28th May-1st June or with 8-11 degrees rising will feel the energy the most this month.

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What today looks like:

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Beginning today, and concluding on Wednesday, the Moon is harmonizing with the planet Mars. The Moon present in Virgo may mean your area of instinctual behaviour, home, and family-life is infused with an analytical, critical desire. It might be good to nurture joint finances, or renovate your home, while this beneficial, easy link continues.

Also today: continuing today, and concluding on the 12th, the planet Mercury is moving through the sign of Scorpio. For you, Gemini, this means a couple of weeks where health, routine, and tasks are in your thoughts, and seem clearer in your mind. Mercury, when in Scorpio, provides a consideration which is revolutionary, and tenacious.

Elsewhere: continuing today, and finishing on Wednesday, the Moon is clashing with Saturn. Your area of family, home-life, and instincts is supplied with a critical, detail-oriented desire by the Moon in the sign of Virgo. While this tough, awkward clash continues, it may be difficult to nurture partnerships, or to trust your partner.

Also On This Day:

  • The planet Uranus carries on a square aspect with Mars today, which continues until the 2nd.
  • Venus continues transiting Sagittarius until the 11th.
  • The planet Mercury continues a conjunction with the Sun today, which ends on the 9th.

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