If you have the sign Leo rising on the Ascendant, then you’ve got Leo rising. Leo is a Fire sign and the outer persona of the person – no matter where the Sun or Moon is – will have a kind of grandiose quality. Almost like “Look at me”.

Leo rising appearance, there may be something to do with the mane of hair with Leo rising. Also Leo rising people, tend to like ‘bling’ – they tend to like the sparkly things. Leo is ruled by – among other things – diamonds, and gold. So Leo rising people like to be colourful, and in fact, if they have very quiet, darker coloured Sun or Moon, then really the rising sign should take precedence with the lovely reds and oranges and yellows, or just very clear colours, going in to white as well, but not really the blacks or the greys, or the sludgy colours.

The Ascendant is very much about the outer appearance, so Leo rising likes to take up it’s space. It’s a fixed sign, it’s quite possessive, and almost dominates with a presence which is usually quite strong. It’s not called “the Royal sign” for nothing. When a Leo rising person is in the room, there will be something about their presence which is centre stage.

The downside with Leo rising might be that they extend themselves too much with that grandiosity – that majesty – that all eyes on me and being aware of what they’re looking like, and then they’re not paying so much attention to what they’re feeling like.

In the archetypal relationship Leo rising is connected on the Ascendant-Descendant axis with Aquarius which is a very airy mental sign. Leo rising can be very loyal, steadfast in relationship, but also loves to have that intellectual rapport with someone, because in the archetypal chart, they are connected in with somebody with whom they can really click with, on a mental level.

The parts of the body that Leo rising rules are the heart, the backbone, and the spinal cord.

Leo rising people have to watch out that they do not use up so much energy in the outer expression of themselves that actually they don’t have enough power or energy left for how they are within – their deeper identity.