If the sign Sagittarius was rising over the Eastern horizon when you were born, then you have got a Sagittarian Ascendant.

Sagittarius on the Ascendant – which is the outer persona of somebody – is very expansive. There is a real need to engage, communicate, socialize, but there’s the real need to have some didactic quality with what the Sagittarius is manifesting and expressing in to the world. There has to be this feeling of teaching there, somehow or other. No matter whether the Sun sign might be Virgo, the Moon sign be Scorpio – and they’re not that inclined in that direction – but if the rising sign is Sagittarius then there is this need to instruct others in what they’re doing.

Sagittarius rising usually knows the value of exercise, it can be quite an athletic, competitive sign, as often the fire signs are. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and thinking bigger, often Sagittarius rising people are very good at giving others motivation.

The downside can be that Sagittarius rising people are too optimistic, too generous, don’t know when to say no, don’t have an off switch, keep going, and they need to learn how to just pull in, sit down, calm down, be quite, and be with themselves in their own space.

In relationship, Sagittarius rising people are connected on the Ascendant-Descendant axis with Gemini – which, again, is a very interested, communicative sign that likes to learn and to teach – but Sagittarius rising likes to be more mobile. In relationship, if they are with somebody who has got that same versatilely (doesn’t have to be a Gemini necessarily, but somebody with a strong mercury who can really be aware of the details), Sagittarius rising people often aren’t. They just kind of trust to luck, a little bit, and are sometimes tripping over their own shoe laces, and can be quite clumsy.

Sagittarius rising rules the hips, and the thighs, and also the power of sight, often the keyword for Sagittarius rising is “I see”. Also, I suppose a word for Sagittarius rising might be “why?”, not “how?”, not “how does it work?”, but “why?”.

So Sagittarius rising has got this personality which is very friendly, which is upbeat, which is positive, but they can be a bit accident prone, and they can be a little bit too trusting to luck.

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