If the sign Pisces was rising in the Eastern skies when you were born, that means that you have a Pisces ascendant.

Pisces ascendant people are very hard to pin down because of the nature of Neptune, which is of smoke and mirrors. No matter where the Sun or the Moon is, it has to come through the lens or the front door of that persona, of the sign that’s on the front door.

So Pisces on the front door can be in disguise, it can be indistinct, almost camouflaged, chameleon-like, in that – as it is a Mutable sign and very versatile – it can bend and shape-shift itself into lots of different personas, actually.

As a Water sign it’s not extrovert; it’s quite introvert. It’s soft, it’s gentle. No matter how harsh the Sun and Moon sign are, this softness on the ascendant will tone the Sun and the Moon sign.

Because Pisces is quite a sensitive sign, it picks up, almost like with a radar or sonar, what others are expecting of it, or just what’s appropriate for the situation. And then it will just blend in like water does, seamlessly with the situation.

The down-side might be that it is too hidden; that it is not being its absolute, genuine self. Or that it is putting out a persona and appearance which belies what is going on within.

In relationship on the ascendant/desendant axis it relates with Virgo, which is all about precision and clarity and analysis. So actually this soft under-belly of Pisces rising is very that. But it hasn’t got the Earthiness of Virgo, and it needs to get out of that escapist mode, in a way, although not all Pisces rising people are like that, but they do, as they say, have this quality with them which is a little bit Houdini-like. They can split in and out of situations. The Virgo side (every sign has its opposite) might partake a little bit more of that clarity of that practicality of the Virgo side.

In relationship, well again it’s a now you see him, now you don’t sort of thing. So even though the underlying dynamic might be of being very faithful, and being very much there for the other person in a nurturing, service-orientated way, the other person might not appreciate it, because actually Pisces rising is about higher service, in the same way as the Sun sign is. So according to their mind, they might be there for the other person, but maybe not in a way that the other person can see or appreciate or recognise.

So, yes, it’s always difficult to describe Pisces rising, but there can be something quite glamorous, and something quite Hollywood about the Pisces rising face and persona, and they might be very, very photogenic.

Pisces rules the feet, and also the hearing, interestingly enough, and Pisces rising people might have very, very sensitive hearing.

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