With Gemini on the ascendant we have somebody whose outer persona is very lively, very engaged, sociable, interested. There’s a little child-like twinkle in the eye of a Gemini rising person.

Gemini has this youthfulness, so when it’s on the ascendant (which is about appearance and how we project ourselves into the world) we have this feeling of youthfulness with Gemini rising. It’s an Air sign, it’s ruled by Mercury, which is why there’s this feeling of movement, versatility, and interest in everything going on around, with Gemini rising.

A lot of chatting, and definitely Gemini rising people do tend to use their hands a lot, but there’s this Mercury energy which is about communications running through the Gemini rising person.

The down-side of Gemini rising can be of having too many fingers in too many pies; trying to juggle too many things all at the same time. Gemini rising, no matter what the Sun and Moon are doing, does like variety. There tends to be a sort of juggling ability, or this preference to juggle various things with Gemini rising.

There’s a sort of on-off switch with Gemini rising, so others who expect a more steady delivery of commitment or energy, and the Gemini is off doing something else but then comes back with amazing stories or information. It’s kind of swings and roundabouts, really. Is that really a down-side?

In relationship therefore they need somebody who is equally as versatile and adaptable and who is interested and communicative and who likes learning. In their opposite sign Sagittarius you get that; you get the two of them very, very interested in mentally engaging. There’s that need for Gemini to have a mental rapport with others.

Gemini rising, in the same way as the Sun, Gemini rules the lungs, the respiratory system, the hands, the arms, and sometimes there can be accidents or problems in those areas, there.

But Gemini rising people usually stay youthful well into old age, and their minds are usually very, very sharp.

35 thoughts on “Gemini Rising”

  1. liseparent says:

    Hello Diana,

    I’m reading about the Gemini and even though I am Gemini, with an ascendant Gemini, my Moon is also in Gemini and so is Mercury !!! I’m quite a Gemini, but still I read this and yet it feels like this is not really me at all. The Venus planet is in Taurus and it feels like I ressemble much more the Taurus sign. Is there any explanation to all this since I have so many planets in Gemini.

    Excuse my English (I’m a French speaker from Qu├ębec city Canada).

    Your work is great and it shows that you have been doing this for so many years, you do it with such passion and we really can see that you know what you are talking about.

    Thank you very very much and I wish you a Happy New Year.
    Lise Parent

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