Sagittarius Horsocope for August 2016 and Today

Diana's Monthly Sagittarius Forecast for August 2016

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Until the 23rd the Sun is in a more outgoing, expansive area tending to raise the spirits and you see fresh possibilities outside of the routine box. Time to make plans or launch into projects. Some of you may have itchy feet, and with the vibrations increasing opportunities to escape the daily grind, this is a good time to get out and about more and try new things.


Correspondence and targets may involve bureaucracy, parental figures or the ‘powers that be’. Or it may mean more ‘official’ type paper-work or correspondence. Career, a new enterprise, or those who may facilitate your aims could be highlighted. You may also find your goals and schemes are being validated or rejected by the by the way things are unfolding across the wider stage. You will be putting mental effort into expressing yourself in the best way you can so as to get the result you desire. Vehicles, transport or communications equipment may also be on your mind.


Until the 6th Venus encourages warmer more supportive relationships with those from far away, or from a different cultural background, or who has a specialist knowledge. Travel with a partner is possible or someone expands your thinking with their experience or background. You are more likely to connect with others who have an expertise which helps you add pieces of the puzzle. This could be financially advantageous. You yourself may be valued or admired for your knowledge, know-how or guidance and this may be a good time for putting the word out on to a wider stage and it could prove to be lucrative. Publications or educational establishments could be highlighted and you and someone may be on a bit of a learning curve together. A teacher or someone with wisdom could be helpful, or, through their contribution and support you ultimately get a better understanding or material reward for your joint efforts.


More opportunity likely from the 6th when Venus helps to create more favourable circumstances with authority figures, like bosses, parents who will be positively emphasized as they tend to see you or your work in a good light. There could be an ally – possibly a female – or just someone you feel close to no matter whether they are socially above you or not, who is invaluable to your success or who facilitates an ambition. On the other hand, you yourself could be the one who takes a firm but friendly stand and enables another to achieve their goals.

From the 3rd Mars is in your sign again, which means the need for you to be decisive and to take action has been increasing. It also brings more hustle and bustle around you. More stamina may be needed but vitality tends to improve and, whether you like it or not, the goals and objectives are more obvious. Definitely the time to get the ball rolling on things – or just keep up! As Mars is about initiating things, whether you choose it or not, this is a time to be more dynamic and physically active and get on with what needs doing either out of choice or necessity. Some of you will get plunged into situations which demand assertiveness, leadership or just get you working harder.

Even though Mars tends to boost vitality, be aware that Mars can run you ragged and use up your time or sap your energy, if you do not harness it, so take the trouble to engineer enough down time for yourself and recharge those batteries. The advice is to be smart and customize things to suit you better and pace yourself so you will have the reserves you need to tackle life, balancing your efforts with enough R&R. Overall, this is your opportunity to get with whatever program you need to improve things for yourself personally. Mars does not like hanging around and so you should not procrastinate once you have thought something through, but impatience and overstretching your energies are Mars’ weaker side so just watch your step as you go forward and you can be successful.


From the 23rd the Solar energy theme means you will be taking your targets or overall direction more seriously or be more aware of how you present yourself and the impression you are making on others, or how something is representing you. Traditions or social conventions may have more of your attention.

You may have to be more aware of the rules imposed by officials, parents, bureaucracy and anyone to whom you have responsibilities. The overall idea is to project an appropriate image and be consistent and responsible as you go forwards. 

Saturn has returned to your sign after a gap of about 29-30yrs. Until late 2017, scenarios and conditions around you will gradually help you learn how best to take your responsibilities to yourself, your talents, your well-being, your hopes and dreams more seriously and to concentrate your energies more purposefully onto specific targets which gradually build new structures for the future.

Sometimes through adversity, you will steadily build the new routines outside and inside which will form the armature of that better, more comfortable life.  Sagittarians born 30th November-2nd December or with 9-11 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this forecast period.

(The current Saturn/Neptune transit brings uncertainty into this area and harder work to clarify things to get organized and go forward in a confident manner. There are deep changes going on within the core of your being. Family may need extra support or something going on in the locality may mean you have to put aside personal preferences and go with the flow. On the one hand you can be idealistic about the home base or family and hold an almost utopian vision of how you would like it to be, but with Saturn in the mix you must wake up to the realities of the situation and be practical with that vision. Figure out the mechanics of how it can be realized in the face of a little confusion or difficulty during the times when Saturn is close by degree to a planet or important point).


Jupiter is in your area of career and overall life direction until September. This means more doors swinging open, but not all will be leading to your highest good or worldly success, and you could be puzzling over which is the best way to go. It’s more likely you could gain more recognition and be learning new things professionally. By the end of the transit you should feel more established in your field or the die is cast regarding your general direction and that will be the time when you can identify more clearly with what you do for a living or your worldly responsibilities. Early Sagittarians or Sagittarians born 12th-20th December or with from 21-29 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this forecast period.    


During this long transit of Neptune through your home area you may have to sacrifice your own style or your preferred plan regarding a space or property or neighbourhood in order to serve a common good. And, as long as you protect your privacy and have integrated your own wishes, regarding family members, community or tribe, all will be well.

Saggies born 30th Nov-3rd December or with 9-12 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this month.

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What today looks like:

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Beginning today, and finishing on Saturday, the Moon is battling with Jupiter. The Moon present in Pisces might mean a feeling which is ethereal, and intuitive in your area of family, home-life, and instincts. While this competitive, difficult link continues, it may be a struggle to nurture your career, or to look after an authority figure.

Elsewhere: continuing today, and concluding on the 22nd of August, our Sun is moving through Leo. For you, Sagittarius, this means a month where foreign people, deep enquiry, and long trips are illuminated, and are more personal to you. The Sun, when in the sign of Leo, provides a creative, self-oriented agenda.

Also today: continuing today, and concluding on the 2nd, Mars is moving through Scorpio. For you, Sagittarians, this means almost two weeks where self-sacrifice, and contemplation are motivating, and seem energizing. The planet Mars, when in Scorpio, provides a rejuvinating, revolutionary action.

Also On This Day:

  • A conjunction between the planet Neptune and the Moon carries on today, and ends on Saturday.
  • A conjunction between the planet Venus and Mercury carries on today, and concludes on the 2nd.
  • The planet Pluto begins a sextile aspect with our Moon today, which concludes on Saturday.

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