Taurus Horsocope for July 2016 and Today

Diana's Monthly Taurus Forecast for July 2016

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Until the 22nd the Sun is in a sociable, busy area and you could be meeting and greeting or connecting over the wires, corresponding, maybe sharing what you know or sourcing useful information, and probably running around more. It’s a time when you have more on your mind and maybe more to get your head around.


From the 14th Mercury is in a very outgoing, chatty area of your Solar chart but it’s also to do with communications equipment, media etc.  Increased interchanges through speaking and writing are more likely, and possibly more paper-work. Overall, it tends to be a great time for making connections, learning and sharing new stuff, in person or over the wires.

Until the 14th the mental focus could revolve around family, extended family, neighbours, or property matters. Correspondence and discussions may be about a physical space inside/outside, or points on the map. You may be mulling things over or feeling more emotional or nostalgic. There may be communications with relations or parents for some of you and others may be considering a legacy or a tradition of some kind. Whatever is going on feelings tend to be nearer the surface and certain interchanges may touch a nerve. Either way it tends to be a mentally busy or social time in, around or about a base of operations – wherever that is – or you may be on the move more.


Until the 12th Venus is in a very sociable sector of your solar chart.  She can help you to be articulate in your expression and tends to deliver environments or daily encounters which are more appealing or entertaining, even exotic. Some of you could be in exchanges with others who appreciate your self-expression or there may be more interesting daily encounters or more access to the arts. Media is favoured as is anything artistic. This transit could bring warm, supportive relations with siblings or soul brothers and sisters. You also can do better when buying/selling/promoting etc and if you want to settle a feud or negotiate for something, then you can be very persuasive.    


From the 12th Venus beams a friendly, sociable light into the root of your chart.  This can manifest in various ways. Overall, it encourages a more harmonious time at home and you welcome others into your space or are more the visitor to others. Or, it could be a venue where you all meet up. It could be a good time to appreciate family or tribal connections, or maybe you like where you are located. You may feel the urge to beautify your surroundings or make more of your space inside or outside. Good for property search or relocation as long as other aspects are favourable.


Mars in your opposite sign means personal or professional exchanges are likely to be more dynamic and lively. Because of another, there may be more physical demands put upon you to be decisive or to take action. You and someone could elicit strong opinions in each-other or, conversely, maybe you feel a strong pull towards someone or they feel a strong pull towards you. Once again patience may be needed as Mars here can make you too hasty, handle someone badly, throw caution to the winds, or make a false start. So the advice would be to try to keep things on an even keel and don’t dive in head first at full revs with all guns blazing before you are sure of your ground.


From the 22nd your attention could centre around a base of operations, community or family matters or extended family. Property matters – buying/selling/home improvements may features, or it may be about the past in the present or sharing. In some respects your gaze will tend to be more inwards and you may be pondering more, or feeling things more deeply. Listen to your instincts!


Saturn is now in your 8th house. The 8th house is a transition house which usually involves clearing the decks to make space for new life. This may involve joint property or financial interests, or your own bad habits. You’ll become more aware over this time frame of who/what is of value, and in the process, you may have to let go of an aspect of a previous perspective, set-up or contract so that life can become more healthy, happy and fulfilling. Sometimes ditching or modifying a prior arrangement in favour of one which is financially, emotionally or physically more comfortable can happen but it will be gradual and you may still have to live within the parameters of the previous set-up for a while. Or maybe there’s a removal of certain resources or support system or lifestyle and you feel this as a lack. Either way you will slowly be transitioning into a fresh perspective which is closer to your true priorities.

Taureans born 28th April-2nd May or with 9-12 degrees rising, or, will feel this energy the most over this period.

(The current Saturn/Neptune transit brings uncertainty and indecision into this area, so harder work is necessary to clarify things, get organized and go forward in a confident, focused manner. Because of the long transit of Neptune through your 11th house, your view of some friends or associates may be distorted and you either over-value or under-value their true meaning in your life. Here is where you are most easily led into a false way of thinking. A special group you are involved with may cause you to sacrifice more than you should, or maybe they do not appreciate your talents enough or evaluate your situation properly. Certain so-called friends or group members may take advantage of you and you are blind to others who are more genuinely on your side or with whom you are more secure. Saturn close to Neptune by degree will help you clear the decks of false, negative or draining influences coming through friends or group contacts. Saturn also gives you the chance to become active in a good cause or to bring about social reform).


Jupiter, planet of potential abundance and growth will very positively influence your Sun sign until next September. This is a time when you may be appreciated more for yourself in a playful or romantic sense. At times it will encourage a more spontaneous, even self-indulgent, energy as you feel more the centre of attention. There may be admiring glances coming your way or you may be in the mood to take a risk or a gamble. You may grow through accessing creative or leisure activities which empower you and you shine in your own unique way. Children, animals and leisure or entertainment activities will be emphasized.

Taureans born from 5th-13th May or with 16-23 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this month.

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What today looks like:

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Starting today, and finishing on the 7th, the Sun is cooperating with the planet Neptune. The Sun present in the sign of Cancer might mean your area of communication, thoughts, and short trips is provided with a nurturing, gentle power. While this beneficial, positive connection continues, it might be good to have a group meeting, or to talk to an audience.

Also today: continuing today, and concluding on Wednesday, the Moon is harmonizing with Mercury. The Moon sitting in Aries may mean a pioneering, alert need in your area of alone-time, mystery, and dreaming. While this easy, oppertunistic link continues, it might be opportune to buy something private, or to dwell on your finances.

Elsewhere: beginning today, and concluding on Friday, the Moon is moving through the sign of Taurus. For you, Taurus, this means a period of three days where your general outlook, and appearance are more familiar, and feel safer to you. Our Moon, when in Taurus, provides a resistant, methodical feeling.

Also On This Day:

  • Mars carries on transiting the sign of Scorpio until the 2nd of August.
  • A conjunction between Uranus and the Moon continues today, and ends on Wednesday.
  • Starting today and concluding on the 5th, Venus is in a conjunction with the Sun.

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