Taurus Horsocope for October 2016 and Today

Diana's Monthly Taurus Forecast for October 2016

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Until the 23rd you may be dealing with more chores or niggly details, or, this may also be the moment to get to grips with health issues (yours or another’s) or a better diet and exercise regime. You may also be putting more effort into maintenance, repairs, or using skills. So, dealing with the ‘to do’ list and getting things organized better seems advisable, but there will be smiles along the way.


Until the 7th Mercury is in a more innovative sector of your Solar chart. Now you enjoy playing with ideas and speculating, maybe a little wildly, on this or that or the other possibility. But, whatever you are doing, there may be more laughs or distractions along the way. Your creative juices are flowing and you are more articulate which may help with beating the drum on something. There’s likely to be increased communications either with or about young people, lovers or pets. Also, you could be more romantically expressive or creatively inspired at this time.

(Mercury and Jupiter at the beginning of the second week means it is easier to get the bigger picture or be more upbeat in your thinking).

(Sun over Pluto at the end of the second week could indicate intensity or a clash of wills/a letting go necessary before moving forward).


From the 7th Mercury is focusing your mind upon the practical aspects of life. Thoughts could revolve around, repairs, maintenance, or health – yours or another’s.  Thinking about the mechanics of how something might work best will be a keynote. Also you could be learning useful new skills or blowing the dust off those you already have – either out of choice or necessity. Practical advice received will be of service.

(MID MONTH there could be some surprises with Sun on the degree of Uranus).


Smoother relations are likely until the 18th when Venus is strong in her favourite place and affairs of the heart are favoured. You and someone could be feeling a closer rapport, no matter whether it’s a personal or professional association. A special someone could come into your life and some of you could be tying the knot. But all types of relationship, personal, or professional tend to flow more easily. You and another could be enjoying eachother’s company or simply lending eachother a hand.


From the 18th Venus is in a place of emotional depth and something can touch your feelings deeply, or you can sway another’s feelings – great for the romantics among you but also regarding material security which come through joint involvement. Venus here could also manifest as a relationship helping you out materially or supporting you emotionally in major or minor ways. Negotiations could go in your favour and there could be deeper, more rewarding bonds with another. Some of you may feel like shifting into more commitment in a material or emotional sense – depending on your natal chart and on your own ability to create what you want. Also, a relationship could revolve around a shared space, possessions or property but things can be ironed out to mutual advantage.

(In the last 3 days Venus on Saturn means more restraint or a more formal feeling in how you are relating).


Mars is in a more outgoing, expansive area of your solar chart. A good teacher or teaching could come to you during this period.

At key points over this transit you should in some way be reaching out for new horizons and fresh experiences. So this may be the right moment to launch a new scheme or enterprise or to go on a journey of discovery.

You will be physically active in learning through doing, but also grasping certain things you didn’t have a clue about before. Some of you may be getting out and about more and this is a good time to shake out the cobwebs. Travel, connecting with foreign lands, giving or taking a course would be a good idea. Your physical energy may be needed as you push the envelope of daily life and get right outside of the routine box by stretching yourself mentally or physically.

(In the 3rd week Mars on Pluto could lead to extremism or over the top expectations from or to you. However, difficult things can be achieved and ambitions can be successful as long as you are aware of another’s interests as well as your own).

From the 23rd you’ll benefit more from the support or contribution of another in close relationship or interaction. It’s not a time to be going it alone, so central to this period, will be how to give and receive the best out of partnerships and other close associations.  You and another could be bonding, teaming up or doing business together. But however it is for you, there is a stronger feeling of mutual interaction – or attraction!


Saturn is now in your 8th house. The 8th house is a transition house which usually involves clearing the decks to make space for new life. This may involve joint property or financial interests, or your own bad habits. You’ll become more aware over this time frame of who/what is of value, and in the process, you may have to let go of an aspect of a previous perspective, set-up or contract so that life can become more healthy, happy and fulfilling. Sometimes ditching or modifying a prior arrangement in favour of one which is financially, emotionally or physically more comfortable can happen but it will be gradual and you may still have to live within the parameters of the previous set-up for a while. Or maybe there’s a removal of certain resources or support system or lifestyle and you feel this as a lack. Either way you will slowly be transitioning into a fresh perspective which is closer to your true priorities.

Taureans born 29th April-6th May or with 10-16 degrees rising, or, will feel this energy the most over this period.

(The current Saturn/Neptune transit brings uncertainty and indecision into this area, so harder work is necessary to clarify things, get organized and go forward in a confident, focused manner. Because of the long transit of Neptune through your 11th house, your view of some friends or associates may be distorted and you either over-value or under-value their true meaning in your life. Here is where you are most easily led into a false way of thinking. A special group you are involved with may cause you to sacrifice more than you should, or maybe they do not appreciate your talents enough or evaluate your situation properly. Certain so-called friends or group members may take advantage of you and you are blind to others who are more genuinely on your side or with whom you are more secure. Saturn close to Neptune by degree will help you clear the decks of false, negative or draining influences coming through friends or group contacts. Saturn also gives you the chance to become active in a good cause or to bring about social reform).


Jupiter will be in your area of health & work until Oct 2017 and there will be no shortage of opportunities to learn and grow through employment matters, colleagues, daily duties, but also health and fitness. The indications are that you will get the chance to experience new work or health routines until August. Employers or colleagues will tend to be more appreciative of your abilities and your contribution.

Taureans born from 22nd Apri-1st March onwards or with 3-12 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this month.

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What today looks like:

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Starting today, and ending on Monday, the Moon is cooperating with Uranus, as your home-life sector is connecting with your spiritual sector. Your area of spirituality, subconcious, and mystery is being supplied with an alert, enthusiastic innovation by Uranus in Aries. While this beneficial, positive connection continues, it might be good to nurture your soul, or look after your spirit.

As well: continuing today, and concluding on the 9th, the Sun is combining with the planet Mercury. The Sun sitting in Scorpio may mean a possesive, rejuvinating power in your area of spouses, partners, and agreements. While this intensive connection continues, it might be good to work with a partner, or to do something for your spouse.

Also On This Day:

  • Starting today and concluding on the 30th, Pluto is in a conjunction with Mars.
  • Mercury carries on transiting the sign of Libra until Monday.
  • The Sun continues transiting Scorpio until the 21st of November.
  • The planet Venus carries on transiting Sagittarius until the 11th.

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