Virgo is an Earth sign, so when the Moon is in Virgo at birth, there’s an emotional need to be of practical use. Moon Virgo people need to develop skills which provide a service for other people. There is a real need to feel as though they can connect with others in this practical, useful kind of a way.

Moon Virgo people are quite versatile and flexible, they can be very adaptable to different sorts of situations.

The down-side of Moon being in Virgo is that there is too much attention to detail, too much criticism, and that can be self-criticism, like “I didn’t do that well enough.”

So there’s this kind of perfectionist tendency with the Moon in Virgo which if allowed to take control can actually stop Moon in Virgo people from doing really what they need emotionally to do to feel OK and balanced. Because “why bother trying if it’s not going to work out in the way I’d like it to?”

Moon Virgo people are, perhaps unbeknownst to them, really quite talented in lots of areas. They can almost turn their hand to just about anything with a certain degree of success, though of course there will be a couple of things that they are more successful at than others. Though it’s usually not just one thing, it’s usually several things. They’re often very good with their hands.

In relationship, Moon Virgo people like to look after you, they like to organise things for you, and that – if I may say so – sometimes is a little bit annoying to have somebody always plumping up your cushions for you. If you are in a relationship with a Moon Virgo person, they’re wanting to do it for you because they want to get it right. They like method, they like methodology, they like to get things right.

Having said that, Moon in Virgo people are never going to let you down because they’re always going to be there with the food on the table, or a cup of tea, or the pillows plumped up, or whatever it is to make you feel more comfortable. Maybe they just have to pull back a little bit on trying to do everything for you and make sure that you’re OK all the time, because Moon Virgo people have a little bit of the nurse in them.

At home, Moon Virgo people like to have an environment which is functional. It always depends on the natal chart and where everything else is, but it has to be a functional environment where they’ve got all their things around that they need, so they might have quite a lot of little bits everywhere.

They like to do things with their hands, so there might be an area of the home where they’ve got all their little special bits, which are the tools of whatever it is they’re doing. But they like to also not feel stuck, so there might be lots of coming and going within the neighbourhood, or to and from the HQ in some way or another.

They’re happiest really when they are allowed to pursue different social connections, or different areas of life where they are being very useful, very practical, and very much looking after all the rest of us.

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