Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the God of the Sea, and the Moon of course is connected with the sea, since it rules the sign Cancer. So we get a very strong pulse of sensitive, emotional Water energy when the Moon is in Pisces. This person will tend to have an emotional need to connect from the heart, to connect through the feelings with other people.

The down-side of the Moon in Pisces is that with so much imagination flowing with the water energy, Moon Pisces can delude themselves when they see something that glitters but is not gold; it’s something that is not desirable in any way. Moon in Pisces people can be seen as a soft touch because they come so much from their heart.

Of course, Pisces is about the higher levels; it’s about the less material, physical levels. So the Moon-Piscian person has this automatic tendency to want to escape into the mystic, into the spiritual, or indeed if they aren’t that way inclined (because of course the Moon position relates to each individual natal chart, of which there are billions on this planet) they might be drawn towards escapism in other sorts of ways, through alcohol, drugs, or just getting completely immersed in a project, or a book, or some sort of imaginative work.

In relationships Moon Pisces people need to feel as though they are supporting, and nurturing those that they care about, but also they need to feel supported. What often happens with Moon-Pisces people is they attract to themselves those who lean on them a bit, because Moon Pisces people are very good at being the one that puts up their hand and volunteers when everybody else has decided to go home for the night, or something similar to that. So Moon Pisces people need to learn to draw stronger boundaries for themselves.

At home the Pisces Moon sign will seek an environment which is nurturing, which is private; Moon Pisces people need to zone out and get to this escapist side of their personalities – which means that they need to be able to meditate, or to get into a space which is a private, sacred kind of a space for themselves, so at least have a room or some time in the day when they can just let go of physical, material reality and all of its stresses and strains, and connect back to source.

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