If you have Virgo rising when you were born, that means you’ve got a Virgo Ascendant.

Virgo is a mutable, very versatile Earth sign. It is not very extrovert, it’s not tremendously introverted, but it’s kind of more reserved, especially on the Ascendant, which is like your front door. Virgo on your front door is watchful, taking things in, analysing a lot, as it is in company.

The persona of Virgo, ruled by Mercury, is inquisitive and questioning like the other sign ruled by Mercury, but it’s wanting to know in more practical terms. Virgo rising people will have a real practical bent with them and will want to show themselves – which will be quite neat and tidy, they do like to scrub up and have a neater appearance – but they’re questioning and they’re wanting to show that they’ve got a skill in something.

They’re expressing themselves not so much directly through what they look like, but through what they can do, how they can be of service. Virgo rising people, no matter where the Sun and the Moon is (which might be telling a very different story) will want to funnel out that Sun and Moon energy through the lens of this “I’m hear to help you, I’m here to assist, I’m here to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, and analyse”.

The downside can be that they are too (like with the Sun in Virgo) setting the bar too high, maybe. Expecting too much, working too hard, and so that can be a downside.

It can be a downside in relationship as well, because the Virgo rising person is always very busy with this one particular area. They don’t have to be busy across the board, because Virgo rising people do know how to chill out as well. But in relationship Virgo rising people can very much always be the one that who says “Let me plump up your pillows”, “Do you want a drink?”, “Can I get something for you?”. That, for the partner, can become a little bit annoying sometimes.

Virgo on the Archetypal level is connected to Pisces on the Ascendant-Descendant axis, so they need somebody who can know how to let them let go, relax, just kind of float a little bit, and dream a little bit, and not be so much 100% in the material world.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo of course rules the alimentary canal, the processing organs, of the body. Virgo rising people have this energy of nurture and of being of service, and they’re nice people to be around, if maybe sometimes a little bit quiet.

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