The persona of Taurus on the Ascendant has the relaxed in-drawing, almost reserved quality about it.

Taurus is Earth, but it’s sensuous Earth. It can be quite romantic – there can be something quite attractive about a Taurus Ascendant. Something that draws you in, there’s a magnetism with it. Taurus energy has a serenity, a calmness to it. It’s like something that is simmering on the stove, you know, it’s got an Earthy heat to it.

Taurus Ascendant people like to express that feeling through what they wear, which can have just a little bit of flair with it, just that little bit of romance with it, just a slightly turned up collar. Of course, it always depends on where the Sun and Moon are, which is the inner identity, but this outer persona evidences what’s going on with the Sun and Moon. So if, say, there’s something quite Aquarian going on with the Sun and Moon, then you might get the more flamboyant Taurus persona. However, some Taurian Ascendant people may have a kind of simmering, smouldering energy, and you feel their presence very very strongly in a very Earthy kind of a way. It is a tactile energy. It’s a sensuous energy.

The downside of Taurus rising might be that they come across as too brooding, that they hold in a lot of stuff. It’s a bit like their opposite sign Scorpio. They can be kind of possessive as well, and although that is also an attribute of the Sun sign – the Taurus outer persona which is not like the Sun sign in many ways – but the outer persona can have that feeling of enveloping or encompassing the space and anybody who is in it, and there is this controlling aspect with Taurus rising.

In relationship, Taurus rising can be very loyal, and nurturing, and steadfast, but again there is this rather possessive quality, but the artistic of Taurus rising, the romantic side of Taurus rising, can actually put somebody on a impossible pedestal. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Taurus rising people sometimes have trouble with their throat, because Taurus rule throat, the vocal cords, the thyroid gland, and often Taurus rising people have very beautiful voices.

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