Moon is water and Aquarius is air, so with Moon in Aquarius at birth, we have the emotional element of Water here. So there’s an emotional need to connect to the world in intellectual kinds of ways, and actually Aquarius is very good at separating itself emotionally from situations.

Aquarians have a need to look at the world almost scientifically, with a detached, cold, observer’s eye. So they’re very good in emotionally charged situations because they can separate themselves from that, and just look at the facts as they expand.

There’s an emotional need to be impartial, and also to be experimental and innovative. They want to know how something would work if you did it this way, that way, or the other way.

Aquarius’s opposite sign is Leo, and so as with Leo, there’s this need to be creative.

The down-side of Moon in Aquarius can be that they can feel as though they know it all, a little bit. They can feel as though they want to have the final say. They can be highly principled, and extremely stubborn with those principles; they can really dig their heels in over their opinions.

In relationships they love to relate in this more intellectual, airy kind of a way, where they have a mental rapport with somebody they’re very, very happy, they feel emotionally fed and they feel that emotional satisfaction there.

Also it’s very important for Moon Aquarius people to have a group – maybe it’s a family group, or it’s extending beyond that, like an association, a club, a society – something going on in their lives which is maybe serving the common good in some way, or serving some kind of cause.

Emotionally they love to be connected in with this sense of brotherhood, sisterhood, but all for some kind of very important cause, according to their likes, according to their perspective on things.

At home they live in their heads very much. They can be quite quirky as well. Their instinctive reaction to the world is to be individualistic, to not be mainstream, to not be conventional. They like to do things just their own way, so they might be completely oblivious of the clutter all around them.

Moon in Aquarius, and in fact the sign Aquarius, is connected to the wizard. It’s kind of Merlin-esque. So they like to be given the space to play in, to be experimental in, and to discover and explore that inventive side of their personalities.