Capricorn is a cardinal Earth sign so when someone is born with the Moon in Capricorn, there is this need to connect with the Earth. There’s this need for security, this need to be practical and realistic about things. To work within boundaries, within limits, within certain parameters.

The down-side of that is sometimes there’s a fear of stepping outside of those boundaries, those parameters. Sometimes Moon in Capricorn people feel a little bit fearful about what’s out there.

They like to maintain a structure. They like to live within this safety net, something that they’ve constructed. At home they need to feel as though that home, that ground that they’re on, that territory, has that sense that it works well, it functions well, and it’s strong. It’s almost as though they’ve got a draw-bridge that they want to pull up.

In relationships Moon in Capricorn people are, again, they’re very loyal, and they like that security. They’re fearful of lack of security. If you’re in relationship with Moon Capricorn people, you might have to almost prove yourself over quite a long period of time – as Capricorn rules time – that you are going to be there for them in real, strong, emotional kind of connection with them.

Also, Capricorn-Moon people pay attention to external, material phenomenon. They’re more aware of what somebody looks like with image, but also what somebody can provide, and I would say probably they take that into consideration when considering a partner, but also they themselves are often very good providers.

There’s something about Moon Capricorn which is rather parental, rather authoritarian, and there are various degrees of this. But just on the level of parent, they do make good parents, maybe quite limited and maybe dogmatic sometimes in how they feel things should be, but they’re always asking you how you are and what they can do for you, as if it was a mother or a father enquiring after your health, or how you’re getting on financially, or what the relationship’s like. So there’s something very parental about Moon Capricorn people.

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