Libra is an Air sign which is ruled by Venus, and so when the Moon is in Libra at birth, it’s all about connecting with others.

It’s all about teaming up, so Moon-Libra people have a strong emotional need to have ties with other people. They might jump in to a marriage, or strong close relationship when they’re very young, because they have this dynamic within them that they can’t do it alone, that they need to have a cohort, or companion, or some kind of partner in crime with which to live their life with.

It’s very important emotionally for Moon Libra people to have that other because the other somehow mirrors to them who they are. They love that rapport with others, and they love to bounce ideas of that special other in their life, and then in that way they find out more about who themselves. It’s almost as though they see themselves through the eye of the other.

I don’t know if you would call that a downside, but the downside of Moon in Libra is that they defer too much to the other – they lose the thread of themselves through the other, and can go along too much with the what the other in their lives wants to do, or with their opinions.

Without putting too many frills on it, they get walked all over by the other important person in their life.

However they love relationships. Moon-Libra people need that feeling of social community, and social circle with others, but particularly with those in the private, personal circle.

At home, Moon-Libra – being ruled by Venus – loves a beautiful environment. They need it – emotionally it feeds their heart and soul to have beauty around them. Whether that’s beauty in the natural world – flowers, and so on – or in deed just works of art. It’s an extremely aesthetic sign, so it has a great sensitivity to beauty, and colour, and likes to make the home environment beautiful, yet comfortable to welcome others.

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