When the Moon is in the sign of Cancer when somebody is born, that’s a double whammy of the Water energy. Moon rules the Water, and of course it rules the sign of Cancer, meaning that Moon Cancer people have an emotional need to connect in a nurturing, caring, emotionally engaged kind of a way with other people.

But they’re very sensitive; they can get hurt very easily, and often Moon-Cancer people put on that shell like the crab where the slightest thing that you say, they can take in the wrong way or they can be defensive.

Moon Cancer people are very protective, which is absolutely fine and wonderful – they’re very, very loyal companions, spouses, partners and business partners as well – but they can be over protective. They can cling too much to the past with those crabs claws; they cling. It’s brilliant if they’re clinging to something that they’re wanting to build up and make successful, like a business or a relationship, or a family environment or domestic environment. But clinging to things that hurt may have very, very long memories as well.

In relationships they’re very loyal, they’re very reliable, they’re very steadfast. The home, family, the domestic surroundings, the environment, the nature of surrounds – all of these things are tremendously important, and if there’s any discord, if there’s anything which is lacking in balance in their environments, in the neighbourhood, or in family relationships, Moon-Cancer people feel this very acutely.

They need to feel secure, they need to feel that earthing and that security primarily in their emotional relationships, but also in their material, physical set-ups as well, they need to feel that security and they need to feel as though something is growing and blossoming and unfolding within the family, or within where they are actually located on the map.

Moon in Cancer people can’t be reasoned with very easily. Of course it always depends upon where the Sun sign is, but the Moon sign has tremendous force when it’s in Cancer. So if you try to reason with a Moon in Cancer person they just might not get your point. However if you come towards them from the heart in sympathetic kind of way, perhaps offer them something to eat, or something to drink – because Moon-Cancer people often feel that they need to be fed in some way, or they try and feed you, they like to cook maybe, they like to offer you something, some sort of snack, or some sort of drink – so it’s tea and sympathy very much with Moon Cancer people.